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RE: A Steroid Treatment for COVID-19, and a Few Words About Steroids

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Dear AG,
Thank you so much for your elaborately and well researched article! I hope that many people concerned will read the information.

Personally, I take an asthma spray from time to time, which contains budesonide, an active substance that belongs to the glucocorticoid group. During my last eye checkup, the doctor already noticed slight damages in my eyes, which he attributes to this medication. That makes me think.

All the best for you. Be well and safe,


Dear Anna,
Thank you for your kind words, but I was distressed to read about your eyes. The connection between inhaled steroids and organ damage (including the eyes) is under investigation. I hope you don't mind that I looked up a few articles. This is something I wanted to cover in the blog but people have limited patience so I had to cut the piece down.

Here's an article from 2019 that describes a subset of patients with chronic asthma who might be able to take a non-steroidal medicine and receive the same benefits. Apparently it has something to do with the amount of eosinophils in sputum. The doctor can test for this. So, it might be something for you to look into.

There are links between inhaled steroids and glaucoma.This article is from 2018 so it is fairly recent. The study does show that there is only an association with glaucoma at higher doses of inhaled steroid.

There seems to be less of an association between inhaled steroids and cataracts, according to this 2020 article from The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Hope you don't think I'm presumptuous. Years ago I had great difficulty with an autoimmune disease and learned that educating myself was the best way toward a better quality of life, so I try to share information whenever I can. Then if something goes wrong, I can't blame the doctor because I had a hand in deciding my treatment plan :)

Please be well. I do appreciate your stopping by my blog.

Your friend from New York who does not want winter to come

Dear AG,
I'm very grateful and appreciate that you have looked up relevant articles for me. I have printed / saved the publications and will study them in peace. Luckily I don't have to use the spray regularly, but only during the allergy season mainly in spring.

How could I find you presumptuous? On the contrary, you show me how a responsible patient should act. Namely not to put fate solely in the hands of doctors, but to inform yourself and participate in the therapy plan.

Thanks once again and have a cozy and peaceful Sunday. Winter can wait! Let's first still enjoy the beautiful late summer days.

From sunny Vienna,

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