WARNING TO THE WORLD: A Multinational Delphi Consensus to End the COVID-19 Public Health Threat

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Scientific and medical advancements accelerated remarkably during our collectivized course through the plandemic. But to what extent are these advancements recognized as public knowledge?

Almost four years later and we seem incapable of recognizing any base set of facts. As a collective, we appear unable to build a common understanding and I believe that without laying a foundation of common understanding after all this time, we are destined to remain collectively at a standstill.

We Cannot Acknowledge Our Lack of Public Knowledge

Until a common understanding is reached there will be no public knowledge, nor acknowledgement of statistics related to the #plandemic . As a first step in rebuilding from the ruinous medical mismanagement and its causative increases of human mortality worldwide, mistakes must be identified. And once identified the mistakes must be shared until a common understanding develops.

Until this process is fostered, the (worldwide) public essentially remains held in collective captivity. It's been almost four years and there's no common understanding or breakthrough of public knowledge forthcoming. Therefore, our shared stasis stays - for as long as any/all aspects of the global health crisis as represented by COVID-19 remain unanswered - our stasis stays put.

If essential, latent and circumstantial aspects of our #plandemic experience aren't able to achieve a base level of public acknowledgement, we will never reach a modicum of consensus. And we will never return to pre-plandemic morals, values, rights, responsibility or dignity because consensus has become so heavily corrupted & frozen.

I am no misanthrope, yet I have resigned my future to the faults of society. If the collective awaits eventual return of medical militia mandates, then I will suffer as part of the same society which already surrendered to lockdowns.

I am not intending on surrendering to lockdowns once more but if I remain part of a society in stasis, then I have - in a way - already surrendered.

Stupid Humanity Leaves it to the "Experts"

A multinational Delphi consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat - published November 3rd, 2022, Nature Magazine

We’re informed by a panel of 386 ‘Experts’ from 112 different countries that Covid-19 Pandemic Responses were ‘undercut by broader political, socioeconomic and behavioural factors.’

Were you aware that your future is all but decided by this study and it’s recommendations? I wasn’t aware of it until today but I was expecting an upcoming reveal and am shocked it came this soon. Under the heading Discussion on page 10 I also learned this study’s focus is to end COVID-19 as a public health threat in the short term. Short term is defined as “that is, in months, not years.” So how many weeks or months are left before another level of horror is unleashed?

I trawled through scores of academic literature this week, centering on specific keywords relating to Public Health, Applied Psychology, Behavioural Science and Bio-Ethics. These areas of expertise carry a commonality through its corpus of literature published in scientific journals – no consideration or reflection of individual liberties, nor regard for the foundational inviolability of sovereign rights that citizens are meant to enjoy.

Through manipulative misdirection and selective representation of ‘multidisciplinary consensus, Nature Research unleashed this article on 3rd November after sitting on it since 19th May 2022. I don’t know about you but no ‘multinational, multidisciplinary panel of academic, health, NGO and government Experts’ will decide my fate by adoption of this Delphi consensus recommending ‘whole of society’ and ‘whole of government’ approaches.


Early into the course of the plandemic I voraciously sought out as much information as one man could from as many different sources as possible. A worldwide risk event of this magnitude was certainly novel to me, so my obsessive info-addiction and compulsion to investigate snowballed as I struggled to piece together a picture of what was going on. Patterns, correlations and evidence causing an avalanche.

Incongruent, contradictory and downright illogical pandemic responses through different governments worldwide had me struggling to stay in one piece, let alone focus long enough to put any pieces together.

In hindsight it was a State of War with the combatants being the totality of a world torn asunder from sense versus me and my battle to understand. And today, as I sit down peacefully to analyze how a world of which never achieved consensus on best public health state of emergency practices, nor what SARS-Cov-2 is, nor how COVID-19 affects human health, the world intends to go to war with me again!


Be wary of new language, syntax and grammar materializing in your daily life. It signals something new to you and probably new to the majority of people as well.. So that means there’s an in-crowd whose crafted a new language to explain or define something new. In particular I’m noticing a lot of hyphenation, mainly in public health and scientifc literature. And with 2022 being what it is, it’s a sure bet that the New-Speak originates from governments, academia, NGO’s and the specialised sciences of Bio, Nano, Info and Health.

The New-Speak originates from those who’ve been scheming away, waiting for the moment to claim a stake in collapsing our Old World so they are assured a stake-holding in the New World.

You must spread awareness of what arrival of the New-Speak like ‘whole-of-society’ and ‘whole-of-government’ could entail for your friends, family, communities and leaders. Spread awareness as an absolute priority.

  1. Whole-of-Society and Whole-of-Government approaches will be rolled worldwide once plans have been tailored with targeted marketing, public health enforcement and military grade cognitive warfare is ready for targeted deployment.
  2. Delphi consensus notes that it is IN-STRUCT-IVE to ‘maintain proven prevention measures using a vaccine-plus (hyphenated word) approach. What’s vaccine-plus? It’s ‘support measures that are going to complement vaccination. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
  3. Government and other Holders of Stake aka Stakeholders all unaminously agreed that they will engage communities, build public trust and improve communicaitn.

To be honest I’m not certain when or specifically how I discovered this article – I haven’t heard or seen coverage of it in the media, amongst my social networks or from “trusted, verified sources” such as government.

That in itself is a forewarning of what “Improved Communication” is going to mean for you in a Delphi Consensus-ended Covid-19 Public Health Threat.

New Language

Phrases & Jargon

  • Multidiscliplinary and multinational consensus study
  • ‘Actors’
  • closed and open vial
  • disciplinarily diverse panel
  • equitable structural interventions
  • Hybridization
  • Implementation Science
  • infodemic
  • resultant consensus

Multi- and Inter- lists


New Hyphenizations

  • Agreed-upon
  • community-based organizations
  • cross-cutting
  • decision-making
  • evidence-based
  • health-based
  • health-related
  • high-risk
  • highest-ranked
  • long-lasting
  • long-term
  • low-resource
  • mammal-to-mammal
  • near-term
  • near-unaminous
  • non-COVID-19-related
  • non-pharmaceutical interventions
  • over-reliance
  • post-COVID-19
  • pre-pandemic
  • risk-related
  • root-cause
  • vaccines-plus approach
  • Whole-genome
  • Whole-of-Government
  • Whole-of-Society

Further reading

  1. Delphi Statements & Responses (recategorized)
  2. Delphi Technique in Health Sciences: A Map - METHODS Article, Public Health, 22nd September 2020


It is daunting to consider the panoply of enemies and powers arrayed against us, we feeble, free few. However, there isn't anything I will accept in lieu of freedom, so it doesn't matter how daunting our enemies are. I have given a scant glance at the means at our disposal to secure our freedom, and they seem to me enough. There isn't a thing we might need we cannot make ourselves.

This being so, we can ignore their - our enemies - cajoling and threats. We know they will tempt us with things we need and desire, but will only provide them should we capitulate. Since capitulation is to become property, capitulation is death, defeat, impossible. The only potential success is by our own hands. We can take from what has been made available to us to take, but we can only take it to make it ours. We cannot take what is theirs to make us theirs. We must take what is theirs and make it ours, because we are ours. We are not theirs, and cannot be theirs, but can only be free.

Slavers cannot merit slaves, so what they employ to enslave us is forfeit, and ours.

What we take, or make, whatever it is, wherever it comes from, is then to be ours, for our use to make us free and sovereign. There today is nothing that cannot be ours, that cannot be made by us, to deliver us and set us free. There is no threat of failure, of defeat and enslavement, for everything there is, is a spur to freedom, and there is nothing that recommends to us to accede to captivity, and there never will be such a thing. Slavery cannot be. We must be free.

Take, then, what is at hand, and what you must seek to get, as what is yours, and make with it what you will to deliver us from oppression, from possession. Create with your every breath freedom that is yours, and I will make freedom that is mine, and I shall trust to providence, to whatever gods may be, and to our own hands, industrious and slack alike, to deliver us from captivity offing to freedom sure, for once we have it, once we have created independent means, decentralized means of production we ourselves own and use to make such wealth and freedom there is, none and no one will take it from us.


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