Co-Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Tech Banned From Twitter After COVID Shot Warnings & Exposing Mass Murder in Hospitals.

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The outspoken Co-Inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, has today been banned from Twitter (having had over half a million followers). Robert's consistent position that the science shows that both the COVID19 shots and handling of COVID19 in general are (possibly deliberately) criminally dangerous has not gone down well with the owners of Silicon Valley and those managing the global 'tax farm'.


As my regular readers will know, I have shared several videos and blogs based on Dr. Malone's testimonies and talks, such as COVID19 Deaths Correlate with Vitamin D3 Status and the first podcast appearance that resulted in him gaining public attention back in July 2021. He also has a profile on Hive (afaik) that shares videos relevant to the COVID19 situation via 3speak.


He recently publicly stated that children should not have the experimental COVID shots, plus that he feels that even adults should not have them at this point due to the risk profile and superior options now available for treatment. Yesterday he shared a link that perhaps was the straw that broke the camel's back! The article is titled 'Hospital Death Camps Exposed' and was written by Justus Hope MD, which the writer explains is a pen name but that they are genuinely a medical Doctor.

Setting aside the legitimacy of the author's credentials, the article provides numerous testimonies and references to books and comments from Doctors/patients/carers that expose an epic degree of human rights abuses (and worse) in the US hospital system that it is claimed have been occurring not by mistake but motivated by cash payments paid to hospitals if patients effectively get more sick and die due to COVID19.

This is not the first time such claims have been made. In truth, I have lost count of the number of Doctors and Nurses who have reported similar from hospitals in the US and elsewhere. In fact, I first reported on this way back at the very start of COVID19 in 2020 when US Senator & Medical Doctor Scott Jensen spoke out about COVID death rates being falsified to be too high by hospital admin teams trying to cash in on government 'bonuses' for patients dying from COVID19! Despite being 'fact checked', his story was not successfully debunked.

In essence, it is stated that at the very least, now, depravity in some US Hospitals has reached such low levels that people are being shuffled through a system that has those who are least able to fend for themselves isolated and mis-treated, put on ventilators that kill them, given Remdesivir (a drug known to be dangerous and ineffective) and denied treatments that are known to work better - even when the patient themselves demands the specific treatment or when another Doctor has already prescribed it.

I highly urge everyone to take the time to read through the linked article and watch the interviews that are linked within the article too. Included is an interview of Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD (colleague of Dr. Peter McCullough) by Dr. Peter R. Breggin, in which they openly describe the intent of US hospitals as often being to literally murder the patients.

Do we really think that significant numbers of highly credentialed medical Doctors would risk their careers and even prosecution for falsely accusing hospitals of MASS MURDER unless they honestly had seen enough evidence to confirm this as fact? If you think they are 'crazy' then why do you think it is they that are crazy and not the Doctors that they are accusing? Perhaps you simply want to think that 'people are good' and wouldn't do such things - but then your own logic would be disproven by the accusers themselves lying about the situation (making them 'bad').

Ultimately, we need to look for evidence and listen to the people involved to understand the truth - rather than simply trusting or believing anyone blindly. It HAS been proven that hospitals in the US get paid more money for COVID deaths and it has been repeatedly alleged at the highest levels that some hospitals are lying about patients in order to ramp up payouts. What has not been 100% proven is whether there is a definite plan to depopulate the planet by killing off the ill and infirm. HOWEVER, this HAS been an agenda of Eugenicists for over 100 years and HAS been acted out in several global regions during that time. So it REALLY wouldn't be such a stretch of the imagination if it were happening again.

Indeed, the Jeffrey Epstein case - now in the news again due to Ghislaine Maxwell's guilty verdicts - also heavily revolved around eugenics plots by Epstein. A testimony of a survivor of the German Nazi holocaust atrocities recently spoke to the similarities of the COVID19 'healthcare' response to the medical policies of the German nazis during WW2 which led to the Nurumberg trials and the execution of numerous Doctors and Nurses who abused people in large numbers.

EVERY PART of the accusation being alleged by the Doctors today have already played out multiple times in human history. It would be an epic act of denial and dishonour to simply hand waive them away as 'nonsense' without proper investigation!

Doctor Malone Continues

Despite being so heavily censored and deplatformed, Dr. Malone will continue to find ways to communicate online. Aside from posting to 3Speak and Hive, he has a telegram channel where he is posting regular updates (for now).

Dr. Malone has also stated that he is due to go on Joe Rogan's podcast tomorrow which will be very interesting. Rogan recently also hosted Dr. Peter McCullough, another even more well known and respected expert who has publicly been stating that the COVID19 events have been an attempt to effectively murder large numbers of people.

Given the size of Rogan's audience, we can expect more 'outrage' and ridicule from some Twitter users, who at this point are looking more and more like bots as they rarely tackle the actual issues at hand and instead often resort to ad hominem attack rather too quickly.

Professor Norman Fenton (@normanfenton) another user of Hive and outspoken analyst of the COVID19 crime spree has also picked up the story of Malone's censorship and is one of many people now forcing the topic into the trending list on Twitter:

It behoves us all to take whatever action we can to expose this story to the full light of awareness. It is one thing to be sceptical of such things, but risking inaction in a situation which could result in the heartless death of loved ones or even ourselves by top-down controlled, box-ticking, policy following, money grabbing 'healthcare' systems would be to risk repeating history that only 2 generations ago saw millions killed in similar circumstances.

History repeats only because the lessons are not learned. They aren't being learned because people deny the truth and skip over details in favour of what they prefer to be true. It is within this hellish dynamic that evil can flourish and everyone who denies things has some involvement.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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After tweeting a link to this video from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, Dr. Robert Malone got suspended from Twitter. The video is 40 minutes long and completely eviscerates Pfizer. The JRE interview scheduled to get recorded today will likely add the Streisand effect to this attempt at suppressing Malone's opinion about using mRNA tech on people. The video is superb with not a word wasted. It probably had the effect of kicking that neck-breather (Bourla) right in the mindballs.

That's a good video that concisely and clearly expresses the key issues. However, it doesn't contain anything that Dr. Malone, myself and others haven't been saying in chunks for months - I know that because he and I have retweeted each other a few times and I follow his posts quite closely. Not that it really matters that much, but I think that the straw that broke the camel's back was Malone's general recent change in tune where he publicly changed his policy that now he think that no-one should take the shots - but more significantly he started openly advocating for the claim that hospitals are deliberately murdering people (for profit).

This is insane. The world needs to stop supporting these propagandist platforms full of censorship! How quickly the United States have fallen from being a "free society".

Crypto is overwhelmingly supporting Twitter with their releases being broadcast first on the propoganda machine. We need to move away from all of these totalitarian regimes.

It's about mind control - many people have been 'harvested' using mind control already and go along with the intent to suppress and silence people.

"For the greater good"...
"Trust the Science"...
"I am Science"...


Another reason why I left Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and soon Google. Why should we support them and give our data to these big tech firms?

Yes, they are in opposition to principle of human wellness, evolution and wellbeing in many ways. The centralisation of wealth has them sucking up the more technically skilled people, but the rest of us can do our bit to demonstrate why other forms of intelligence are more important and to perhaps educate others of this truth.

Such censorship of facts clearly shows that their is a sinister plot underway to delude the masses to their detriment. The illusion is bigger than ever but they cabal are being exposed one day at a time. Crimes against humanity will be tried in the ICC in the Hague if all goes well.

Oh there has been such a plot for over 500 years, probably many 1000s at least. I don't personally hold out any hope for any courts or the ICC - fear and greed are too prevalent for such processes to achieve much. We need unconditional respect for free will and to stop being intimidated by our own power.

I can't imagine how people can live with a dirty soul after commiting these awful things on other human beings.It is sad that history repeats itself again and again and that humanity did not learn any lesson from past atrocities

Denial is what is behind all of this. Once you deny your own emotions and reality itself, then deny that you are in denial - you are then completely removed from understandings that would keep you 'clean'.

What a good thought! I think that your perspective is interesting, often when we deny something to ourselves we also deny it to others. And this can be associated with self hate which is then projected onto the world. O strongly believe that if people would be kinder with themselves , they would also be kinder with others.

Happy New Year and a great 2022!🤗

Absolutely, yes. We tend to find that the things we hate most in others we are reflecting to us things we hate about ourselves. A lot of conflict is actually people resisting their own reflection! Ending denial is what will change the story <3

Welcome to another Earth orbit!

A lot of conflict is actually people resisting their own reflection!

This sums it up pretty well and nice! The war of the reflections indeed, this can make someone truly reflect on why they are fighting.

Have a great 2022🤗

Thanks, you too!

Where will it end? Nowhere good, I imagines.

Will we/can we escape the stranglehold of the big four?

Everyone has to become self empowered without getting caught up in the power pyramids and artificial hierarchies. This requires a combination of personal focus and co-operation with others with similar goals.

What a farce, I can't understand how the masses keep buying into the fake narrative and media cover-up.

Denial and denial of denial!

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Yet again, Hive is missing to onboard these offboarded people.

Dr. Malone has an account on Hive that I linked in the post as far as I am aware.

they have only uploaded videos to 3speak, you can see them in the 'all posts' tab of peakd or in 3speak directly.