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RE: No Jab No Job, Plus Big Fines! Australian Northern Territory Launches Extreme COVID19 Shot Rules.

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They are close to being the worst nation for this, yes. Having just been there for 9 months I'd say it is a combination of factors at play. I think there is a general lack of enquiring minds there and a low bar for intellect. I also think there is an inherited, possibly genetically engrained, power struggle dynamic from the formation of the country as essentially a slave colony. The people there have never fought anything for freedom and the relative wealth of the land, having been kept so pristinely by the previous (now decimated) population, has meant that the population has a window available to live 'high on the hog' - which has driven more than a few of the wealthier ones into levels of delusions of grandeur that mimic fledgling aristocracy in Europe several hundreds of years ago. I don't think the lessons are being learned quickly enough to prevent a civil war at some point.


That's just sad...