Co-Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology: Shots Will Harm More Kids Than COVID19 Can. Maybe Adults Too

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The Uk's 'GB News', national TV show, today interviewed Dr. Robert Malone - Co-Inventor of the mRNA technology that has been used in most of the experimental and controversial COVID19 shots. He stated clearly, in agreement with my own data/posts, that the COVID19 shots are very likely to do serious harm to more children than COVID19 can.

In the wake of Dr. Peter McCullough's appearance on Joe Rogan, forcing the topic of corruption within the science, data and people involved with the creation, promotion and rollout of the experimental shots into the public eye - Dr. Malone has now done similar in Britain.

Regular followers of my posts will know that I have promoted both Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough in the past several times, due to their high level of experience with both COVID19 patients, the COVID19 shots and their decades of experience in the bio/medical fields.

They have both unresevedly taken a solid stance that the public are being hugely lied to (as normal for the big pharma organisation) with misleading/incomplete data and deliberate half truths (lies) intended to sell the shots to drive huge profits.
Loss of tax payer money is the small problem here, however, since we are also losing the lives of many innocents who have been denied effective treatments in the name of using experimental shots that have killed large numbers of people. On top of all of this, we are losing our personal power ever more to those who gladly take it from us!

In this related post, Dr. Malone stated that the data shows that COVID19 deaths are directly correlated to levels of Vitamin D3 in the patients.
He has also heavily advocated for various low cost (but controversial) medical interventions that treat people early with little or no risk. In short, he is consistently making suggestions that are easy to implement and that are low cost for world populations. Unfortunately for him (and us all), these types of solutions are the polar opposite to what the large pharmaceutical industry and their cronies want us to be using.

In particular, Dr. Malone makes clear that the risk / benefit ratio of the COVID19 shots for children is such that they clearly should NOT be receiving them. The risk of serious health problems from COVID19 to children is almost non existent and yet the risks from the shots are significant - AS WE ARE ALREADY SEEING:

source: Fox News

Dr. Malone also makes a shift in direction since he has previously, as a vaccine inventor and advocate, suggeted that those most at risk from COVID19 SHOULD recieve the shots. He now thinks (as I have done all along because the data shows it) that, in fact, it is probably true that NO-ONE should be receiving the shots due to their low efficacy and safety. The reseach and testing that went into the shots was low quality and covered up. The companies creating the shots are, for the most part, either proven to be criminal or have zero track record! Yet all of this has been swept under the carpet! Previous generations would have been up in arms about any of these points, but decades of the removal of critical thinking - having been replaced by zombie like unconsciousness and complacency has led us to a situation where it might now take several years before the mainstream even starts to accept the scale of the lies they have been told and starts to do something about it. By then it will be too late for a large number of people.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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How did this man get 65 downvotes

When tens of thousands of practicing doctors, who actually treat COVID patients, are saying the same thing - we can treat this virus without an experimental gene therapy, I tend to believe those folks and give more merit to their standing. Especially when the alternatives are profiteering government & pharmaceutical shills who care only about their own best interests (and bottom lines).

Trust the science! No.... Not THAT science.. :)

Here's a nice little nugget:

I'm just bloody glad I don't have young kids!!

Yes, people get enough hassle about their kids now even without COVID.. I can only imagine the level of unethical coercion going on.

All coercion is unethical imo. But yes, you have family, friends, schools, the media, your own irrational fears... then on top of that, mandates, and worrying you will be forced to do something that goes against every instinct of protection you have...

I don't think to get vaccination any more. This situation is not about our healths, but something else...

Absolutely. There are millions of people involved and generally they want to make good decisions for health, but the health systems are controlled by policies set by a small number of people - which if doctors/nurses don't follow they tend to get sacked.. So it's not so difficult to control the herd.

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