My Mochi 🐾: A Rescued Dog From a Busy Owner

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Before I met this girl, I never really wanted a pet because I don't like it when it sleeps or cuddles with me and I'm not used to that feeling. But don't misunderstand, even so, I still do love pets. I just love to pet them!

A week before, they were offered to me as my company at home since I'm alone. In all considerations, I rejected it because I'm too busy and I thought I couldn't take care of them well. I'm doing a lot of activities at school, in our Rescue organization, and visiting my family in my hometown sometimes. Mostly, my schedule was jampacked, like I would left the house at 6am and came back home at 6pm or 8pm.

If a dog eats three times in a day, they would be starving if I take care of one. I never have adopted a pet on my own before, especially those with special breeds who needs a thorough care and attention most of the time. If it is only a regular dog, it wouldn't be a problem, but in a small breed like Shitzu, I don't have any idea about it.

Not until my cousin @ecelyam05 told me that it is okay to feed them just twice day and leave water or extra food when I leave. I realized that it would be possible for me that way, so I immediately took the offer to rescue the cute dog.


When I was taking her from the previous owner...

We bought a cage to transport them and waited for the owner at the Modernized Jeepney Terminal going to their home, it was a bit far from downtown. When we arrived, an American Bully greeted us with his non-stop loud barks with the two chihuahuas and other two breeds of dogs that I couldn't recognized.

We were told to wait and one by one, the owner put them inside the cage. The mother's name is Princess (2 years old) and her daughter's name is Mochi (1 year old). The owner served us lunch as thanks for rescuing them and we left with the dogs after that.

Arriving back at downtown, we bought everything they needed. I don't know anything about dog food, so I told them to give me the good one and I bought 2 kilos. Then, 2 dog leashes and 2 food bowls. When they were fitting the lease on their bodies, I noticed something in their eyes and skin. Their eyes have white film-like that is covering the upper layer on both of it, looks like catarata if they're humans. They have skin problems, too. The store owner suggested some medicines for them but we opted to visit a veterinarian instead just to make sure.

At the Vet...

It was a holiday and we're just hopelessly trying to see if there's a clinic open to save time and have them check immediately. Gladly, there was one, the CitroVet.





We meant to have them check and then, groom them. But the Vet have to do a surgery later that day, so they only can make a check up. These two cuties are good girls. They were calm, quiet, and just staying where they are throughout the check up, so the vet's job became easier.

Both of them have termites in their ears, skin problems, and malnourished. I pity their situations actually. Why would you take more pets at home if you couldn't take care of them well? That was what I was considering before I adopted one, because I know that just like us, they also need love, attention, and care.





Mochi seems to be lonely just sitting there by herself, so I accompany her while we were waiting for Princess. While we were taking pictures, a friendly cat approached us and make friends. I was surprised by how friendly she was, it was even kissing the other dogs of other customers. She wanted to be pet, so I was also caressing her face. Then, it went through our things while I was looking away. Good thing, the Vet noticed her and was scolded. Funny, the cat was just trying to get my attention to steal our food. Scam!



Honey, you're caught redhanded! 😆



A moment later, it was done and the Vet told us their findings. Since they both have termites and skin problems, each of them have to be isolated. Mochi was often approaching me, so I thought that she was choosing me as her new owner. Then, Princess have to go with Sir @huntersmoon.

They were already dewormed and the vet advised us to go to the health centers if we wanted them to be vaccinated with Anti-rabbies. They both have prescriptions for allergies, brewer's yeast, ascorbic acid, and eardrops to kill the termites inside. They can't take a bath for a while in 5 days, but I still bought them a shampoo for future use.

Now, I can understand a Fur-parent's struggle. I was like having my second daughter and Mochi's expenses are more expensive than my own daughter. Anyway, I can get by with financials. The most is important thing for now is that the likes of them were rescued. I'm really proud to be a Rescuer. I'm even rescuing dogs now.


June 13, 2023
🌸 ayane-chan

All of the photos are mine unless stated otherwise. Thank you for reading this blog. Have a good day!


Hi, nice to meet you, I really liked your story. It's very nice how you cared for your pet.

The truth is that I am very prudent about the comments you made regarding the care of your pet. My name is Elias. I am new to this community and your story made me curious. I hope your pet is better as well as everything continues to go well for you.

Hello. Welcome to Hive Pets. Same, I'm new to this community, too. This is my first time posting here. Thank you for dropping by. I'm also looking forward for a good result after the medications.

Rescuer Ayane~ not just people but dogs too!
Tuluran si ayane! Mabuhay si Ayane!


Adorable doggos but they're ill.. huhu can't imagine the pain they're in. I hope they would be healthy soon!

Hahaha pinanindigan ko na talaga nuh. Kawawa lang naman kasi. We'll the results after 15 days of medication niya.

Pets are a great responsibility, they become part of our family and indeed that implies expenses and time dedicated to their well-being, I am glad that they found a person who is willing to help them, something I learned from my wife is that Unlike humans, dogs have no way to express their pain, so when they are sick we are the ones who have to be attentive to try to understand what is happening to them. Surely now you will have less time and a little less money, but you will have many moments of joy and love.

Thanks a lot. I'm also looking forward to have great memories with this buddy.

as a petsitter, they really need time and attention and of course a money to spend for their needs, I've always wanted to own one, but I thought im not ready to take such responsibility yet.

I'm happy that you rescued this dog ayane ~ you are the best!

Yes, it's very expensive but it's okay. A life is more important than money. It's what I'm also thinking before I've taken her in, I thought I can't handle such responsibility but I'm afjusting to it now. Mochi is a good girl, so I'm not struggling on taking care of her.

Yey, Ayane saved the day Mochi! Thank you for giving her a chance to have a home :))

I'm also glad to be of help, so she's very welcome in my home. Thanks for dropping by, Ford!

Ay ngayon ko naalala na same pala sila ng name ng dog namin dati hahaha. Super lambing nya ang probably Mochi will be also super lambing to you.

Ang lambing nga. Mochi na name niya nung kinuha ko eh. Malaki na kasi siya, nakasanayan na niya, di na pwede palitan. Ok din naman, ang cute haha.