Pepper & Oz / ペッパー&オズ

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Oz is a little parakeet that joined our family in June this year. He is my youngest daughter's parakeet that I take care of sometimes, haha. He shares the room with my youngest daughter. I don't want him to feel lonely, so I hang out with him on the school day when I'm home.
I fussed around making sure that Pepper has no access to the bird (no access to the room when nobody is around). It was hard because Pepper loves to hang in this room and my daughter often forgets to close the door. We locked both of them in the room a few times by accident😅
To make a long story short...they are fine together. Pepper is generally very gentle with things, like mice. She usually brings them to me alive. Yikes…, but it turned out to be a good things. What makes a big difference in their relationship the most is that Oz is not scared of Pepper. It is so funny to see them interact. Oz flies away from my hands but not Pepper.
I'll leave the video here.

今年の6月に我が家に迎えたインコのオズ、次女ちゃんのインコですが時々面倒をみています。ケージを次女ちゃんの部屋に置いているので次女ちゃんが学校に行っている間、そこでお茶したりします。寂しい思いをさせたくないので… 動画を観たり音楽をかけるとノリノリで何やらお喋りをはじめます。
オズが我が家に来てしばらくは、ペッパーがイタズラをしないようにあれやこれやとバタバタしました。けれどペッパーは次女ちゃんの部屋が大好きで、次女ちゃんもドアを閉め忘れたり… 何度かペッパーが部屋にいるのに気づかずドアを閉めて出かけてしまったことも😅

We are very happy to see Pepper keeping calm around Oz. I hope it stays this way.




Sorry about the mess. It's a teenager's room. The top of the bunk bed is the favourite place for Pepper to nap. Oz makes sure that Pepper sees him by making a sweet chirp. Pepper roles for Oz sometimes.




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You have 2 pets that are so cute and adorable

They are cute and cuter together!
We are very happy to have them!

the cover photo reminded me of Sylvester and Tweety, although we know that Tweety is a canary, but it was a relationship between a cat and a bird, and in reality the bad guy was Tweety not Sylvester. it is very interesting to see how Oz approaches Pepper, I would be attentive all day and like you I would not let the cat in the room and even less if no one is there, you never know what could happen.

I agree. Things can happen very quickly. The cage is covered at night. So we don't need to worry too much. We've been careful☺️

Aaaw they are so cute the two of them, it's like Pepper knows he is her new friend who is here to stay, I hope they can keep it up and be very close friends. Cheers to Oz, Pepper and you! (。・ω・。)ノ

Thank you so much! I hope they can stay good friend for a long time. I've heard that cats sometimes can tell the difference between family birds to non-family birds. We'll see☺️