Cat Rescue Project FAQ

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What is Cat Rescue Project?

It is a project out of love for cats. The project's goal is on rescuing stray cats by feeding them using a Robot feeder called Arduino which can be watched on live streaming media platforms.

How we can help on this project?

By sending Hive/HBD/Crypto you can now feed stray cats wherever you are and can watch the food drop from the Arduino customized feeder. Any excess funds will be used to add amenities for the cats and for the development.

Right now I am trying to gather funds or at least $500 to make the place cat friendly by adding some grass, trees, and amenities. Any amount of donation will be accepted and expenses will be documented in my future post and give you a credit for your good work.

Is feeding the only option to interact with the cats?

In the meantime, the goal is to feed the stray cats however I am thinking to explore some other things like giving special food treats, playing, spraying bubbles, etc, etc.

Can I feed them now?

No, not yet, it is still under development. I am trying my best to make it appealing to the cats and to the viewers. Also, the customized feeder and the code are not perfect still.

Will you accept other Crypto to feed them?

Yes, the blockchain will be based on top of Hive while the plan is we will be using the Crypto conversion method going to Hive/HBD so we can accept other Cryptocurrencies.

Where can I watch it?

We will use Restream to broadcast it to Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, @vimm and some other options available on Restream. Making our own landing page website is not a bad idea to consider too, but rest assured we will be posting it here. Hopefully, there will be a live stream on @threespeak soon which kind of cool to have it on Hive.

Do you have a Discord community?

Yes, we have made our Discord channel so we can hear your suggestions. I still consider myself a student so feel free to teach new knowledge 😇


I consider Cat Rescue as a Hive community-driven project so feel free to copy if you want to make similar for your location. Our Discord is open so we can share our knowledge on how we can make it together.


Feeding stray cats doesn't help, it makes the problem worse. When they are well fed, they reproduce even more. Kittens don't die of starvation but from illnesses and accidents.

The only good way to work on the problem is catching, neutering and putting them back out. While giving them food may make you feel good, it's actually a disservice.

Thanks for the insight, I do appreciate it @pharesim

The only good way to work on the problem is catching, neutering and putting them back out.

One of the advantages of feeding the strays, you’re in a good position to support a Trap - Neuter - Return program. You know where strays congregate, and the population likely trusts you more than a total stranger. This makes it far easier to trap a stray and get it neutered.

That's true, but you don't need trust when you put food in a cage ;)
Anyways, neutering should be the main goal - and it's the way more expensive part.

Anyways, neutering should be the main goal - and it's the way more expensive part.

Yeah, fortunately in the place where we are located the neutering is Free from the government :) So no worries about it because I have reported most of the cats in our place to do the Trap - Neuter - Return program. Thanks for the concern about it ^_^

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I love this project! Very good idea!

Thank you for your time checking this out

This is so much better than the tamagotchi app Trezor will never have😺

May God help us ^_^

This has so much potential!!! Fun Idea!!


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