It's time for a new 🎄Christmas 🎄Contest

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Christmas has arrived, we want to start a contest in the community, as it has always been tradition at this time of the year. We want to end this year and start next year full of joy for all of you and your adorable pets.

xmas pets contest.png

What is the contest about?

For this contest, we want you to share about those things you do with your pets this holiday season. It doesn't matter if you don't celebrate Christmas in your country or culture, you can still participate by sharing about the things you do with your pets during this season. You can also share about those things you do so that your pet does not suffer from the sounds of pyrotechnics, maybe another member of the community will find these tips useful.



  • Create original content
  • Include at least 4 photos of your pet and if the environment of the photos can be related to Christmas, even better.
  • Do not use images from the Internet, only photos of your own pet.
  • The title of the publication should not indicate that it is a contest, be creative with the title.
  • Do not use the banner of this publication as the cover banner of your publication, we will take into account the effort of each participant.
  • The contest closes on Sunday, January 8th at 23:59 UTC.
  • If we find plagiarism or any kind of abuse, the participant will be disqualified.
  • Leave the link to your entry in the comments of this post.
  • Comment on the participation of other community members.



  • 1st Place 50 Hive
  • 2nd Place 30 Hive
  • 3rd Place 20 Hive
  • Special mentions (3) 10 Hive each one


xmas pets contest.png

We hope that this season, the magic of Christmas will be with you and grant you many years of happiness with your pets.


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Hello community of @hivepets ❤️
I was just making a new post and I think it’s a perfect entry for this contest!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎊

A very appropriate theme for the times we live in. Yes, there are many things we do with our beloved pets.

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Meery Christmas Hive Pets Community!. This is my entry for the Contest 🎄

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Saludos 😄 Feliz Navidad y Próspero año nuevo con sus queridas mascotas. Acá les comparto mi participación

Happy New Year, I hope you had a good time and your pets didn't suffer so much.

I leave my participation to the contest, thank you.


Hello friends, a little late but here I am, to leave you my participation, and happy new year to all, success and blessings: