Scarlett and Finley Drinking at the Watering Hole - Nonnewaug Falls - Bethlehem, CT - November 23, 2023

in Hive Pets3 months ago

Finley, or Finn / Finney as I've been calling her, and Scarlett are 8 month old Great Pyrenees X Akbash mixed breed puppies that I recently took home from a farm in Ohio. I originally went to pick up a male from the litter, but instead I left with both Finn and her sister Scarlett. Here's a video of Scarlett and Finn drinking from the watering hole at Nonnewaug Falls in Bethlehem, Connecticut. We took a short hike on Thanksgiving morning and they got a bit thirsty!

(Apologize for the sound issues, my phone camera is broken)

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