Happy day Sebastián

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Sebastian came into our lives 4 months ago after arriving in this country, I had to leave my old pet in my brother's care, because I could not bring her with me, although I always missed him, she was a very well trained cat, her name is Haru, the cover of this publication, I had to leave the country to work abroad,


I arrived alone with my partner and after settling in and living more or less fit, we made the decision to adopt a new pet, between thinking and thinking we decided on a kitten, one that was not too big to be able to work abroad, So a coworker told me that her cat had given birth to 4 kittens of which they would keep 2 and the other two they would give them away, since they could not keep so many in such a small house, so I accepted and immediately called my wife, I told her about it and that same day in the afternoon I took him home, Today we are doing something special for Sebastian our pet, he is very cheerful and playful and learned the necessary things very fast, he responds to his name even at a distance which impresses visitors, Happy four months Sebastian.





Que ternuras de animalitos, mucha suerte 💪

Que hermoso es Sebastián y se ve tan tierno

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