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Hello to all pet lovers, especially to this nice community. Today I bring you a nice story; it's about Chichi, a kitten that arrived by chance to my mom's house and today, she has a new home. If you want to know her story, I invite you to keep reading.

My mom has a house in a housing development, in her porch there are many plants and there is the stand of her car. One day, an almost newborn black kitten arrives on her porch, so she decides to let her stay there for a while. The kitten was scared, I guess because she had been kicked out of all the places, she didn't let my mom get too close to her, besides that, she has a dog, a miniature schnauzer to be exact, so she didn't know how she would react to the presence of a feline since she had never been in contact with one before.

Hola a todos los amantes de las mascotas, en especial a esta bonita comunidad. Hoy les traigo una bonita historia; se trata de Chichi, una gatica que llegó de casualidad a la casa de mi mamá y hoy en día, tiene un nuevo hogar. Si quieres conocer su historia, te invito a que sigas leyendo.

Mi mamá tiene una casa dentro de una urbanización, en su porche hay muchas plantas y está el puesto de su automóvil. Un día, llega una gatica negra casi recién nacida a su porche, por lo que decide dejarla estar ahí un raro. La gatica miedosa, supongo yo porque la habían botado de todos los lugares, no dejaba que mi mamá se le acercara mucho, además de eso, tiene un perro, una schnauzer miniatura para ser exacta, por lo que no sabía cómo reaccionaría ante la presencia de un felino ya que nunca se había relacionado con uno.



Little by little, my mom was able to get closer to the kitten until she could touch her, and a few hours later, she felt part of the house. My mom doesn't love cats, because she has never had one, but she prefers dogs because she knows that cats are more curious and mischievous. In the same way, she protects animals regardless of their breed. That day the kitten left and came back the next day with more confidence; the days went by and each time the dog and she became friends, they could sleep together without stressing each other out. At first Trixie (my mom's dog) barked at her, but that is normal, she had never seen an animal so close and different from her in her life. As the days went by, another white cat arrived, who protected Chichi (that's what my mom decided to name her) as her daughter, and she even let herself be breastfed. Days went by and now both cats had the same daily routine: they arrived in the morning (to ask my mom for food) and left at night.

Poco a poco, mi mamá pudo ir acercándose a la gatica hasta que pudo tocarla, ya unas horas después, se sentía parte de la casa. A mi mamá no le encantan los gatos, porque nunca ha tenido alguno, pero prefiere los perros ya que sabe que los gatos son más curiosos y traviesos. De igual forma, protege a los animales sin pensar su raza. Ese día la gatita se fue y volvió al día siguiente ya con más confianza; pasaron los días y cada vez la perrita y ella se iban haciendo amigas, que ya podían acostarse juntas sin estresarse. Al principio Trixie (la perrita de mi mamá), le ladraba, pero es normal, nunca había visto a un animal tan cerca y diferente a ella en su vida. Al pasar los días, llegó otra gata blanca, que protegía como su hija a Chichi (así decidió ponerle de nombre mi mamá), y hasta se dejaba amamantar. Siguieron pasando los días y ahora ambas felinas hacían la misma rutina día a día: llegaban en la mañana (a pedirle comida a mi mamá) y se iban en la noche.




My mom noticed that they would go to a neighboring house to spend the night but during the day they would visit her to eat, play, sleep and do their business, which she didn't like very much because my mom takes good care of her garden and the kittens made a mess of it.

A couple of months have passed and my mom continues to take care of Chichi, in fact she has been sick on several occasions and my mom has taken care of her and today she is doing very well. Since my mom can't have any more pets because it's a responsibility for her, plus it's a lot of work for an elderly person, she was able to talk to some good friends, who gave her the good news that a neighbor of theirs was looking for a kitten. This news made her very happy because she has to travel in December and she didn't want to abandon Chichi. So today, Chichi got a new home where she will be cared for and loved by new people who want her presence.

Mi mamá notó que se iban a una casa vecina para pernoctar pero en el día la visitaban para comer, jugar, dormir y hacer sus necesidades, cosa que no le gustaba mucho porque mi mamá cuida mucho su jardín y las gaticas lo tenían hecho un desastre.

Han pasado un par de meses y mi mamá sigue cuidando de Chichi, de hecho se ha enfermado en oportunidades y mi mamá la ha cuidado y hoy por hoy está muy bien. Debido a que mi mamá no puede tener más mascotas porque es una responsabilidad para ella, además de que es mucho trabajo para una persona ya mayor, pudo conversar con unos buenos amigos, los cuales le dieron la buena noticia de que una vecina de ellos estaba buscando una gatica. Esa noticia sin duda la alegró mucho porque en diciembre debe viajar y no quería abandonar a Chichi. Así que hoy en día, Chichi consiguió un nuevo hogar donde será atendida y amada por nuevas personas que desean su presencia.




I love happy endings and I hope you do too!
I send you a hug and last but not least: Adopt, don't buy =)

Adoro los finales felices y espero que ustedes también!
Les mando un abrazo y por último: Adopta, no compres =)


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My cat also just gave birth to a very cute baby kitten, the same color as your cat. Ahh, I can already imagine how adorable he will be when he grows up

They are adorable and even more so when they are sterilized and fattened. They get soft and it causes them to be squeezed but they usually don't let themselves be given so much love 🤣

Very adorable I love pets

Thank you ❤️