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Hola comunidad de hive pets hoy les quiero presentar a mi gato colita, uno de mis bebes gatunos, les contaré un par de cosas sobre el ya que tiene cosas muy características que no he notado en ningún otro gato hasta ahora.

Hello hive pets community, today I want to introduce you to my cat Colita, one of my baby cats, I will tell you a couple of things about him since he has very characteristic things that I have not noticed in any other cat so far.


Su nombre es colita, es macho y tiene 3 años.
Colita llego a mi casa cuando ya tenia mas de 6 meses, el me escogió como su dueño, llego a la casa donde yo vivía antes y tenia bastante libertad, entraba y salía de la casa cuando quisiera a través de la ventana, yo le fui dando comida cada vez que me visitaba hasta que decidió quedarse a vivir conmigo.

His name is Colita, he is male and he is 3 years old.
Colita came to my house when he was over 6 months old, he chose me as his owner, he came to the house where I lived before and had a lot of freedom, he went in and out of the house whenever he wanted through the window, I gave him food every time he visited me until he decided to stay and live with me.


Pasó el tiempo y me tuve que mudar a un apartamento y obviamente me llevé a mis hijos gatunos, aquí el problema era que colita no podía salir a la calle a su antojo como solía hacerlo así que tuve que comprarle un arnés de gatos para poder acompañarlo a pasear, al principio le costó acostumbrarse pero lo logró y ahora le encanta. Como el arnés le quedaba un poco flojo le tuve que comprar un suéter y se lo pongo debajo para que así le quede apretado y no se pueda quitar el arnés.

Time passed and I had to move to an apartment and obviously I took my cat children with me, here the problem was that Colita couldn't go outside as he usually did, so I had to buy him a cat harness to be able to accompany him to walk, at first it was difficult for him to get used to it but he succeeded and now he loves it. Since the harness was a little loose on him, I had to buy him a sweater and I put it under it so that it is tight and the harness cannot be removed.


Colita todas las noches a eso de las 10 pm me pide a gritos que lo saque, se pone enfrente de la puerta y la aruña, maúlla, grita, literalmente se hace entender de que quiere salir.

Colita every night at around 10 pm, he yells at me to take him out, he stands in front of the door and scratches it, meows, yells, literally making himself understood that he wants to go out.


Cuando salimos sale directo a este árbol, su árbol favorito, aquí viene y hace pipi y pupú, me da risa porque parece un perrito jaja sale a las mismas horas todos los días a hacer sus necesidades en un árbol en el exterior, el aun no sabe que se un gato.
Después de hacer sus necesidades empieza a caminar por los alrededores a oler y explorar, yo lo dejo que sea el quien guie el paseo, que vaya a su propio ritmo para que vaya agarrando confianza y le guste salir a pasear.
Cuando ya lo quiero regresar a la casa colita hace berrinches como un niño pequeño, se niega a caminar, se tira al piso y cuando lo voy a levantar me gruñe, se rehúsa a regresarse a la casa y SIEMPRE hace lo mismo jajaja.

When we go out he goes directly to this tree, his favorite tree, here he comes and pees and poops, it makes me laugh because he looks like a puppy haha he goes out at the same time every day to relieve himself in a tree outside, he still hasnt know he is a cat.
After doing his needs, he begins to walk around to smell and explore, I let him be the one to guide the walk, to go at his own pace so that he gains confidence and likes to go for a walk.
When I want to go back to the house with colita, he throws tantrums like a small child, refuses to walk, throws himself on the floor and when I go to pick him up, he growls at me, refuses to go back to the house and ALWAYS does the same hahaha.


Colita odia que le pongamos ropa a la gata amarilla, nuestra otra gata, cuando la vestimos Colita empieza a morderla y arañarla hasta que logra quitarle la ropa, es algo inmediato, en menos de 10 minutos ya colita le ha quitado el suéter, parece increíble pero si lo hace con intención.

Colita hates that we put clothes on the yellow cat, our other cat, when we dress her, Colita starts biting and scratching her until he manages to remove her clothes, it's something immediate, in less than 10 minutes Colita has taken off her sweater, it looks incredible But he actually do it on purpose.


Colita y rayito son muy grandes, después de la esterilización empezaron a crecer mucho y a engordar, Colita ahora pesa mas de 5kg y es muy grande y peludito.

Colita and Rayito are very big, after the sterilization they began to grow a lot and gain weight, Colita now weighs more than 5kg and is very big and furry.


Esta foto es especial porque Colita nunca se acuesta en mis piernas, siempre ha sido un gato muy juguetón y escurridizo, ser "consentido y amoroso" no es su característica especial, lo de el es ser mas cazador, juguetón y mordelón, colita es un gato muy divertido.

This photo is special because Colita never lies on my legs, he has always been a very playful and elusive cat, being "spoiled and loving" is not his special characteristic, his thing is to be more of a hunter, playful and biter, Colita is a very funny cat


Colita come todo tipo de cosas, literalmente, como un perrito jajaja desde frutas como papaya, hasta verduras como coliflor, brócoli y cebollín y otras cosas como cotufas, por mencionar solo unas cuantas. Obviamente yo no le doy esas cosas porque pueden ser toxicas en altas cantidades para el pero es que literalmente me he dado cuenta de que le gusta porque me las ha robado, a este gato le encanta robarse la comida que encuentre sin cuidado.

Colita eats all kinds of food, literally, like a puppy jajaja from fruits like pawpaw, to vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and chives and other things like popcorn, to name just a few. Obviously I don't give him those things because they can be toxic in high amounts for him, but I literally realized that he likes it because he has stolen them from me, this cat loves to steal the food he finds carelessly.

Espero que les hayan gustado las fotos y leer algunas curiosidades sobre Colita el gato feliz.

Gracias por leer y pasar por acá, que tengan un feliz día.

I hope you liked the photos and read some curiosities about Colita the happy cat.

Thanks for reading and stopping by, have a happy day.



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Colita is so adorable! I swear! And that comes from a person who always preferred dogs instead of cats 💚

Omg ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚

He is adorable for sure!

Hahah he’s got a hoodie🤣 He looks so cute with it and I thought this was just for style, but apparently he needs it for the harness too. Rayito looks so dead inside🤣🤣 And why does he remove the hoodie? Is he jealous cos he thinks you will take Ray for walks too? Spoiled little Colita😆

He is is jealous cat but not about the walk... one jealous thing he do is when rayito is sleeping in the bed with me he start to bite rayito and pushes her out the bed, poor rayito :(

Colita doesnt like the clothes hahaha he only uses it for the walk but as soon we are in home he try to remove it... and for that reason he wants to do the same with rayito's clothes hehehehe

Colita is so cute! I want to buy my cat those harness since I think it would help mine get outside more. How often do you bathe your cat?

The harness is really useful but at first you and the cat have to go trought a process of get the cat used to using it, The first day you put it on him, the cat won't even want to move, that day you just put the harness on it and leave him alone until it starts to move by itself.

The first day you two wont even leave the house hahaha, it is a process....

How often do you bathe your cat?

I do it once a month because he go outside and can get dirty and because he sleeps in the beed with me.

and how often do you do it?

i know the format of the post was a little messy when you saw it but i already edited and fixed it, everything is correct now.

Your cats are beautiful. Colita is a little character and so smart. I tried a harness one time on a cat and it never worked well as they were able to slip out of it. Your cat is well trained for the harness and doing his business outdoors.

Yes the harness can slip out easily on cats, that's why i tried the sweater and now he can't take it put when he pulls.

Colita is really smart, I get surprised a lot by him!

Lovely shots @malos10 friend!!!

!discovery 30

Thanks you a lot my friend Jesus!

Really cute, especially with his hoody on. How long did it take for him to acclimate to the harness?

I put the harnes on in him everyday for almost 2 week and then we did the first walk

@malos10 Does he walk with you now? Or does he walk you? 😂

I let him to guide and go at him rythm but when he wants to go to weird places I have to guide him, is a really fun experience we both enjoy those walks together

I learned something from your reply to another comment thank you! We tried a harness for our cats, because we have coyotes around we cannot let them out. They were not having it! 😂 Now i will try your method of getting them used to it by leaving it on for a while 👍

I'm glad you learned one new thing!

Yes you have to put it on them everyday and just let them alone , with days they will eventually get used to it and you will watch them walking around the house like nothing, the harderst part is the beggining

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Que gato mas chulo!

Se ve muy cool con su hoody cierto?

si, pasa frio?

Realmente no jaja le pongo el hoody para que el arnes le quede mas apretado y no se pueda quitar el harnes cuando jala al pasear

Que bello Colita, que ojos tan lindos, ojos de gato jaja. Es una preciosidad y como buen gato tiene su carácter.
Muy bellas fotos.

Si tiene un caracter muy mercado jajaja no es tan consentido si no más bien cazador y muy muy jugeton

Just Awesome! 🐈🐈‍⬛🐈
I really like that he has personality, though that is the beautiful thing about Cats!
Have an Amazing 2nd week of the year My Friend @malos10 !

Yes cats are more similar to humans than dogs,

Cats have their own different personalities

Absolutely and 100% Correct!
They are also much, much smarter than "most" dogs as well!
Have an Amazing Tuesday my Friend @malos10 !🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛

Colita es muy hermoso yo adoro las gatos y este me encanta, luce genial con su ropita

La ropita le queda muy linda sii jaja

Dios mio que guapo jajaja quiero una ropa asi para mi Benito, pero de verdad aca en mi ciudad no he conseguido ;(

yo estaré vendiendo pronto jaja en mi nuevo emprendimiento de ropa para mascotas, ya lo mande a pedir, estoy esperando que llegue el pedido que hice, cualquier cosa podriamos cuadar y te lo envio por mrw

Supeeeeer, me gustaría eso, tu me avisas.

Jajajaja, buenísimas las fotos y las particularidades de Colita, se ve que se divierte :)

Si es un gato muy divertido y jugeton!

Mía gatos también hace igual que colitas ya que me piden de noche que los saque a la calle

Se les vuelve una costumbre jaja tu también los paseas con correa?

No también los dejo salir de noche a divertirse

Yo los Paseo con arnes y correa, aquí no los puedo dejar salir solos

Me encanta como se ve con su ropita 🥰

Se ve muy cuchi jaja

que linda Colita! tengo una llamada Cloe, son hermosos!!!felicitaciones!!

Muchismas gracias! Que bonito nombre para tu gatita

Aw! Colita is a gorgeous cat with so much personality! 🐱🐾❤🐈

The last photo of you two together is my favorite @malos10

Thanks yo really much! my favorite is the one with him sleeping on my legs

haha...your other cat look annoyed while Colita trying to remove the clothes😂

Yeees that is true jajaja, poor rayito

Me alegra mucho que colita se adaptará al arnés y así poder salir sin correr riesgos... Saludos amigo @malos10 está hermoso tu gato

lol what a styler ^^

hermosos gatos

Bonita historia sobre tu gatito Colita

Que hermoso Colita, lo tienes muy consentido 😆, me gustaron mucho tus fotos, es tierno como se ve el amor que le tienes, saludos amigo @malos10 y muchas bendiciones para ti!!!