Cheeky squirrels

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Hi everybody!

Today I want to talk about squirrels that live in our city park. I want to say that with the onset of cool weather and the approach of winter, they have become insolent! Not so long ago I had to run away from them!


Squirrels are not afraid of anything and climb into your pocket in the truest sense of the word.


The child is not mine, if anything, I covered his face. It's normal, right? But you appreciate the impudence of the squirrel!

They also attacked me.


I took walnut kernels for a walk - squirrels love them very much! When treated with hazelnuts, squirrels most often bury the nut. They do not bury walnut kernels, but run off to the side and immediately eat them. But this confident squirrel didn't even run away! She ate the nut right away!


When her friend joined this beauty, they began to compete with each other. And while I was looking for another nut in my pocket, the most impatient climbed on me!


I simultaneously tried to find a nut and take a picture of the squirrel, but at some point I started to wave it away, because the squirrel was rising higher and I was afraid that it might bite! Therefore, the photo did not turn out, but I show it as it is.
And when the second squirrel began to climb my other leg, I just ran away from them, like the last coward.


Here is a story that happened to me recently. Both funny and ashamed of your fear, which arose because of a small animal!


Uuuu cute squirrels, makes me want to be there, because you think they are not afraid of anyone.

They are not afraid of people at all! No one offends squirrels, but many visitors come to the park with nuts. Squirrels are accustomed to people and sometimes require treats!

Yup, and their behavior is so adorable.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you!

Lovely post!... Nice squirrels!... Thanks for sharing!

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Wow...what a sociable squirrel! It's really hard to take good pictures of squirrels that funny how they climb over the child. I loved this story a squirrel that gets in your pockets...hahahaha😊

Yes, squirrels are very sociable and funny! And you are right, squirrels are difficult to photograph with high quality, they are very restless animals.

That's awesome, squirrels always run away from me. Great photos, that squirrel rules!

Thank you!

Una buena anécdota, sobre todo tratándose de animales silvestres. Son muy curiosas las ardillas y muy rápidas, jeje