Nature, change and saying goodbye to a canine called Cloe

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Autumn’s leaves are everywhere. As they change and fall - they indicate the movement of time and seasons. In life things are constantly changing as well. We have no choice but to go with the flow.

I thought about this as I walked through the park and enjoyed its beauty.

I walked briskly as I did not want to be late visiting my friend Cath. I did not linger to take too many photos. Nevertheless, I made a few.

Upon arrival, I was surprised to see the dog groomer holding Cath's dog, Cloe.

Cath looked teary eyed and I knew immediately that the inevitable day had arrived. Saying goodbye to Cloe, the beloved Shih tzu dog.

Cloe was old and unwell
Cloe was already 15 1/2 years old - that is about 86 dog years. She had a heart condition for almost 6 years already and has been going blind for more than a year. Her senses were declining. Only her sense of smell seemed intact.

Cloe was in pain and had not eaten for more than a month. She was not sleeping either and hardly made a sound. That is no life for a canine - that is not a dog's life. It was time to put her to sleep. It was a heartbreaking decision for Cath and her family but it felt like the right thing to do.

Cloe rarely moved from her bed as she was weak and had little strength to walk. You can imagine our surprise and delight when she took a short stroll around. She was slow but tried her best.

She looked at us with those big, glazed over eyes. I picked her up and cuddled her. For me it was the last time I would see her.

As I left, I walked through the park again. The weather had changed - it was now raining heavily. The day seemed to be all about changes.

The dark clouds and the rain reminded me of the sadness my friend was feeling at that moment. I thought about the impact the decision would have on the family. I knew they would miss the dog dearly but I also knew that they would enjoy the nice memories later on. There would be a lot of emotions when the veterinarian arrived. Maybe not as intense as for a human being - but it is emotional nonetheless. Dogs are man's best friend for a reason. There will be sorrow and guilt about the decision. For 15 1/2 years - any pet is a part of a family. There will be an emptiness in the house thereafter.

Change is needed in nature. These once green leaves on the trees are now dying. They fall to the ground and will disappear into the soil. It is part of the seasonal cycle.

The beauty and calmness of my surroundings made me realise that their decision will bring them peace - knowing that Cloe was no longer suffering. I paused and enjoyed the moment.

As I passed the doggy area of the park - the rain showered down.

I continued on this path which provided only a bit of shelter.

Nature teaches us that death is a part of life. It is inevitable - it is hard to fathom sometimes but we have to accept it.

In the meanwhile, we enjoy the beauty around us or beautiful moments and memories we create or experience. We savor them knowing that like this colourful tree - nature and life will continue to change and some changes we cannot resist.

All photos are my own - taken with my iPhone


I'm so teary eyed looking at Chloe. Being part of a family for almost 16 years is enough to send them bawling. She does look like she wants to rest and I hope your friend and her family have peace with this loss.🌺

Aww yes it was so sad-it was hard to see her walk and wierd that she made no sound at all. Thanks for your nice comment. Cloe is at peace and the family too.

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It's just like natural scenery, such a sight makes one's mind very relaxed and it's also a fact that children are very fond of cute little animals.

15 years is a lot of time. The dog is already part of the family and it would be difficult not to remember cloe. I had a dog that lived for 7 years, and till now, thought about the dog surfaces, now imagining the feeling with a dog that lived for 15 years.

True, there are times are seasons for everything and now, it's time for Chloe to rest.

I can imagine that you still think of your dog.
Yes Cloe is sleeping peacefully.

This is a heartbreaking publication that teaches you the value that our pets have for many of us.
It is true that her friend Cath had a very difficult decision ahead of her, but sometimes letting go of something we love is the best way to set her free.

All of us who have had a pet and lost it know the pain Cath is going through and I know she will find in another pet a comfort for Chloe's love that will never be replaced, but another pet will relieve that needed presence that Chloe will leave.

Happy journey.

Thank you for sharing

Cheers and greetings

Thank you for your kind comment. It is not easy when a beloved pet is lost or dies. It takes time to deal with the lost.

Another pet might help but I am not sure what my friend will do.

Believe me I know what you are going through and when we lose something so dear to us we cling to close that door because of the pain it leaves us with.
At home it happened to us with a little dog and the pain was very hard. It is true that we have had other pets, but the little one is never forgotten. I am grateful to have read this publication because it shows your personality and sensitivity. Happy journey. Cheers and greetings

😀 Same to you @tonyes - have a wonderful day.


This means that Chloe has been with the family for so long
That’s cool
The park looks very beautiful and I’m glad you enjoyed the walk

Cloe, vivio en buenas manos y así se fue, es triste cuando se va un ser a quien amamos y es nuestro compañero y es como dices la muerte es parte de la vida y hay que aceptarla.

Sí, de hecho; es difícil de aceptar, pero no tenemos otra opción. Como resultado, necesitamos disfrutar la vida tanto como sea posible.

Hola, así es hay que aceptarlo, Saludos.

RIP little Chloe. Losing a beloved pet is so difficult.

Beautiful autumn photos!

Wave Media

Yes it is indeed. Thank you @melinda010100

It's sad that cloe left the family after living with them for 15 years. Even though it's an animal, I understand the bond and the emptiness it's people will feel being part of the family for years. Indeed there is time and season for everything and now is the time for cloe to say in peace cloe 🥲

Thanks for you sweet comment @nkemakonam89

Yay! 🤗
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