hello hive family after a long time..

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I hope you can hear me. I will try to take my place in this family as soon as I have the opportunity, after a long break caused by the hive family's unintentional reasons, both the familial and economic emptiness inside me, and trying to repair my soul with my own effort. I started the DIY market sector. Shift work, weekday leave, work colleagues whose minds do not match, many complex stories that we cannot get enough of telling, maybe the sun will rise for me one day :)


There was Şilam. The British shorthair breed grew and we mated it and she got pregnant. We had ultrasound done just like we do to humans and it was said that there were 5 puppies. It was said that one of them was weak and difficult to hold on to life. At that moment, we were both excited and worried. Then it was time to give birth. And Şilam gave birth to 7 puppies. For me, they were all the same. We realized that we chose the wrong groom candidate because the perception in TURKEY is fond of color, when 6 puppies out of 7 turned out to be black, 1 became a rare brown. Today they are exactly 52 days old, all of them are cute babies. thank you. I know that you will not leave me alone. Hope to see you in the next post, stay safe....











they're definitely an adorable bunch 😃 di you plan on taking care of all 7 of them or plan to get them be adopted to other families? thank you for sharing these cuties! 😄

Oh wow, they grew into a adorable bunch. Nice, really nice.. how is your business going? What's with your financial position? Have you been able to get back on your feet. We miss you and would love to hear from you @nlcsmt 🥺