This is Blacki The Dog!

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""This is Blacki The Dog!"

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Hello friends of Hive Pets!

Today I'm going to introduce you to Blacki. She's the princess of the house, with her calm demeanor towards humans, but she struggles to get along with other dogs, although she gets along very well with her kitty brother, Pantera, whom I introduced earlier.

Here's the link for you to meet her: Link

Let me summarize a bit of her story and how she became part of my family.

In 2019, when Pantera came into my life a few months earlier, I was looking for a pet with my now ex-wife at the time since we moved and wanted a pet to brighten our lives, which she certainly did. We were looking, and I insisted on adopting (my pets have always been adopted). I have nothing against buying as long as it's responsible, until we found this super beautiful and playful little dog, albeit cautious. The shelter people told us they rescued her after she was hit by a car and quite mistreated, and that's why she struggles to get along with other dogs, but she won us over, and I decided to take her home to make her part of our pack.

Since she's a mistreated dog, I had to give her a lot of love and patience, as she was somewhat traumatized, for example, she gets scared when it rains, but in an incredible way, and even more so with thunder. On the other hand, she's a sweetheart, although she's complicated with food because she always wants to eat chicken or meat, and when she eats her dry food, she basically eats it because she's hungry. She loves to sleep curled up like a burnt cinnamon roll. She has a beautiful white spot on her chest, and her job is to be grumpy when other dogs pass by the block. She doesn't like many toys, but she runs everywhere when you play with her. She likes to cuddle with you and judges you because you don't give her your human food.

This is Blacki!

Thanks for stopping by to meet her!

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¡Qué linda mi nieta! Un bello resumen de su vida. Gracias hijo. Dios te bendiga😍🐶

Me alegra que la hayas sacado de su mal estado y la estes cuidando con amor y cariño! Encantado de ver a Black

Gracias ! Hago lo que puedo por blacki xD

She looks very comfortable in her bed. 😍

La foto de los dos babys me fascina demasiado JAJA son demasiado bellos los dos y tienen una cara de consentidos que no se las quita nadie, es increíble.

Son super consentidos ! Y viste que están juntos pero no revueltos! Pero en invierno duermen juntos enrollados pero no les e podido tomar esa foto !!

Hola amigo @opyavi, hermosa y bella Blacky, ese color negro es precioso y está muy cómoda, después que son rescatada y han pasado por muchas situaciones difíciles, es una bendición llegar a un nuevo hogar donde la quieren y atienden.

Gracias y si es la hermosura de la casa. Ella es familia !