Nika wants to help... She loves them 🥰

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We believe Nika is most likely pregnant (the dog staring at the kittens).. So her maternal instincts are probably on overdrive hearing the kittens fuss. (Even without maternal instincts Nika is a sweetheart of a dog! Very loving and nurturing)

However, we're missing a kitten. I'm not sure if princess moved it out or if something got it while the dogs was occupied... Or if one the dogs got it.

When princess (momma cat) first came here as a tiny kitten Nika and Queen treated her like they was her mom's. They played with her, groomed her and kept her safe.Especially Nika, (pictured top)


Boss and Queen (queen is the one with the ear straight up... It's always like that🤣), they aren't really interested in them Queen is at times if the kittens are extra noisy but mostly she leaves them be. Nika tho, I've caught her several times with her head in the box smelling of them. Trying to de-flee them. She doesn't mean any harm.. But I'm wondering if she's the culprit. Wanting them for herself?

Far as the 4 that's left, I'm still supplementing kitten formula. We're feeding princess more then just cat food. Giving her tuna fish and oatmeal gruel to help her produce more milk. She seems to have a bit more milk. I'm not satisfied that the babies are getting enough still so I will continue to supplement.

I should say I'm not a vet. Google and friends has helped me thru the years helping kittens. The whole reason I'm supplementing tho is she had no milk sacks. She was damn near flat chested.
If you have any suggestions or advice I'd love to know. If they make it, this will be the first time for me with surviving newborn kittens. My last experience with newborn kittens that was in trouble I'd got to them too late🥺