Hurray! To the Newborn Puppies

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Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof! Okay, we let our dog out because she loves it when she's free. She loves freedom so much, aside from meat. We are too generous to her, maybe that is why she thought of bringing us a bunch of munchkins! It'll be cool if it is literally a munchkin that we can munch, but no! Because she brought these!


She brought them here into the world by giving birth to five beautiful puppies. As for the color, as you can see, we have three black puppies, one brown, and one black and white combination puppy. Aren't they cute? They are so small, they almost fit in my hands. They can easily be crushed, so I have to be careful when caressing or holding them.

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And well, it's not like I am complaining about their existence right now, it's just that they are way too cute for my heart, and I can't help but love them too much. Even Mama is saying that she's so tempted to bite them because they are just too cute! She might end up taking care of them all, even if it is too hard for her. Not sure yet, but while they are here with us, we will shower them with love and lots of kisses.


By the way, these babies here are just two days old. Black Black, the momma doggo, gave birth to them on June 10. To be honest, I feel like they are premature babies. They are really small compared to the previous babies of Black-Black. We're really not sure, but even Mama suspected that.

Black-Black becomes a picky eater while she's pregnant. She only eats meat, fish, dog food, and bread. If we put meat and fish on her rice, she will just pick up the meat and leave the rice. Because of that, she won't feel fully filled with enough food. And that affects her babies, as you can see. And another thing is that I also feel like she doesn't have enough milk on her breasts.

Her babies are crying while breastfeeding, it's as if they are having a hard time getting any milk from their mom. Mama is doing anything to feed the mother so the puppies can get enough nutrients from her, but she is just too picky. Mama is also planning to buy some vitamins for the momma dog, if you have a suggestion for a breastfeeding dog, please comment down below. Thank you!


By the way, here's our black-blacl Looking at her while she fed her babies gave me more reason not to give birth or have a baby. The responsibilities are too much for me. But I am open to a baby dog, I can adopt one and have them as a baby. But as a little child, from my flesh, I think I can't do that. Well, it's just me, so don't mind me.

So let's start with this cutie, a special mention goes to him. He is my favorite already, lol. We don't have a name for him yet. He is still a baby, and even if we give him a name, he can't hear it yet. As for the name, Mom will decide on that. But if I were to name this cutie, I would call him Cooper or Finn. I think either of the two will fit him. It sounds manly too, and I want him to grow up as strong and healthy as a bull so that he can live longer.

As for this munchkin, he looks really cute sleeping like this. I just hope he won't grow up as naughty as my cat Kokoy, lol. Anyway, as for naming him, I want to call him Teddy. He looked like my favorite teddy bear as a kid. I can imagine him cuddling me whenever he has a chance. I had a dog like that before, she really loved to sleep on my stomach. We used to have our afternoon naps together. I hope he grows up as lovable as he is.

As for the three blackies, gosh, they all look the same, my goodness. But look at their shiny hair, it is so smooth that caressing their bodies feels good. By the way, for their gender, we have a little Missy in here, four boys, and one girl. And for the names of these three blackies, I'll call the little missy Chicky, black number 2 is Olie, and black number 3 is Chico. Chico is actually the name of a fruit. It is brown, but I think giving it to a black dog is also not bad.


So, that's how I will name them if ever Mama asks me to give them a name. They are the cutest, so it is only natural for them to have a cute name.

Gosh, we really have a lot of pets now in both houses - my Mommy F and Mama. We have eight kittens at Mom's and five puppies at Mama's. The adult dog and cat are not included. I think that is enough to open a pet house where we will give a cat or dog to anyone who wants it, as long as they are responsible owners. Only if, lol.

Let's all welcome these babies into the world and get mesmerize by their cuteness!



Wow! Cuteness overload! I purposely adopt two puppies to accompany me when I'm alone in the house and look, I think they're becoming my bestfriends. Hehehe

Haha dogs are a good companion coz they will really make you feel love. We can all have their love ❤️

Ang dami Ate Ruffa, at ang cucuute :) sana lumaki silang healthy lahat :) nakka excite kapag may mga puppies sa bahay po nu Ate ;)

Hehe excited na nga ako magsilakihan sila ee. Yong everytime na bababa ako nay sasalubong na naman na makuliy uwu

Wahhh andami tihh, are you planning to look for someone who will adopt? grabe kung malapit lang ako i mine ko na ung isa eh. huhu they are soooo cute! ❤🥰

Haha, yeah, Mama will do thr finding an owner for them. Hopefully makahanap, kapag wala no choice shs she will take care of them haha. Ang cucute pa naman, mahirap e-let-go.

Wow hoping maka hanap kayu kasi ang laking reßponsibilty ung mag alaga ng madaming pets. Naging animal shelter na inyung bahay 😂😂

This simply is too cute. Hand size puppies, I want one until it starts chewing stuff up. I should stop because there would be no way letting it go, haha

Haha, hand size but when they grow up they are hard to carry by the time, lol. That chewing stuff up is just 😂😂 I guess you experienced that with your dog a lot 😂

Yes he's four and still chews up stuff. A medium dog at 70 lbs can cause serious damage with his chewing lol

Chewing thing is their happiness aside from meat 😆

Two days old.
They're small and I can feel their succulent body from here😘

Hehe they are really small and cute I want to shower thrm with lots of kisses whenever I will see them lol

So lovely!🥰🥰🥰

!LUV all the cute puppies. Congrats sa inyo at wishing all of them a long and healthy life. 😎

Thank You so much 🤩, I really hope lumaki silang healthy lahat.

Welcome. 😎

Ang dami madam.. Balak nyo alagaan lahat or ipa adopt? Hirap mag alaga ng madami hehe

Titingnan pa madam. Kapag may nanghingi ibbgay namin pero kapag wala sa hahay lang sila.

How cuteeee! I wish them good health 💖. If ever na di na keri alagaan lahat, sana makahanp sila ng bahay na kukupkop sa kanila hihi

Eheee. We will sure to find a good owner for them. ❤️☺️

cats yon dati ah, hahaha dogs naman ngayon ~ blessed with so many animals ...

Hahahaha naku, we have a lot of kittens pa rin, wala ata balak ang Mommy na ipamigay sila haha.

Wow! So glad to see them all healthy. My virtual hugs and kisses to mama dog😍 for a safe delivery.

Hehe thank you 😽. She's okay though a little bit picky when it comes to eating pero kumakain pa rin naman so all goods. ❤️

Ang Dami nila sis, Dami ka Naman kalaro, Dami Naman makulit hehehe

Excited na nga ako magsilakihan sila haha ❤️😽😆. Asahan ng palaging madumi ang paa ko kakagat ng mga babies na yan haha.

Hahaha ganyan talaga Sila ka clingy. Naku Yan din gustong gusto Ng kapatid ko na mahilig sa aso at pusa.

Hahaha nakakatuwa din naman kasi kaga mamahalin mo talaga sila despite thr naughtiness lol

Sana they will grow healthy.

Wow, ang saya. healthy puppies :D

Gusto mo isa? Kuha naaa haha

gusto ko nga. haha!

Wahhh andami tihh, are you planning to look for someone who will adopt? grabe kung malapit lang ako i mine ko na ung isa eh. huhu they are soooo cute! ❤🥰

Wahhh andami tihh, are you planning to look for someone who will adopt? grabe kung malapit lang ako i mine ko na ung isa eh. huhu they are soooo cute! ❤🥰

My heart is melting! How adorable are they!!