Rescue Diary - Phoenix heads East ("I'm going to be a Working Dog")

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Lucky little Phoenix is a 4 month old Belgian Malinois/German Shephard puppy who was rescued from a high-kill shelter as a baby along with his mother from El Paso, Texas and brought to Arizona.
Phoenix Race4ran Oct 1st.jpg
Now he is ready for a new chapter in his young life and is now on his way from Arizona to Ohio to be the mascot for Working Dog Rescue
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You can read about the wonderful work they do @

We work in Arizona, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We assess our incoming dogs for working jobs including but not limited to, Service, Assistance, and Therapy. We have placed dogs in therapy, search and rescue, service and companionship homes. One of our main focuses today is to help more Veterans with PTSD. Did you know that there are thousands of Veterans around the U.S. that need a dog for PTSD and they can be charged as high as $50,000 for a dog? Our goal is to give back to these veterans and donate dogs to them in return for the amazing sacrifice they have made serving us and our country

🐶 But back to sweet Phoenix 🐶

We met this little ball of love after a 2 hour drive over to Payson, AZ for his leg over into New Mexico. As he is only a few months old he needed to be kept off of the bare ground to protect his still immature immune system.



The little boy was so, so inquisitive and ready to explore his surroundings and had no hesitancy to be out of his crate. He was having a good time on his long road trip.






Of course all that puppy energy makes a little guy hungry - just have to figure out how to get the food.

A few snacks and it's time for a bit of a nap - being a adorable puppy can be SOOOOOOOO tiring.



Unfortunately our time with sweet Phoenix had to come to an end and he was off on the next leg of his adventure with a new driver and more chances to be loved as he heads cross-country for a new life.

By the end of the day Sunday he will be in his new forever home and ready for a long and happy career with Working Dog Rescue.
💝Best Wishes my furry little friend💝

🚗🚗🚗 Phoenix's adventure numbers 🚗🚗🚗


  • 3 days
  • 8 states
  • 2035 miles
  • 27 legs
  • 22 volunteers (drivers/overnight hosts)