🚨 A Call to Action: Echo Our Message of Free Speech on TikTok!

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Dear Valued Hive Community,

With immense pride and pulsating excitement echoing through the digital corridors of our community, we announce the release of our poignant and impactful video: “Unleash Your Voice: Blockchain & Free Speech United!”

This is not just a visual and auditory feast; it is a compelling narrative, a rallying cry vibrating with the urgency and importance of protecting free speech in our increasingly digital lives.


Tiktok Link

Embark On The Mission:

Now, our call to action for you, dear Hive community members, is simple yet impactful. TikTok, the vibrant and dynamic platform where videos ripple through streams of users, engaging and provoking thoughts and reactions, awaits your action.

  1. Engage Deeply: Dive into our TikTok post featuring the “Unleash Your Voice” video. Navigate through its mesmerizing rhythm, hit the ‘like’ button with determination, share it across your circles with zest, and spark conversations with comments brimming with insight.

  2. Share Widely: Let our video leap from your profile into others, creating cascades of awareness, lighting up screens with its powerful imagery and message. Encourage your followers to engage and share, spreading the word far and wide.

  3. Showcase Your Participation: After sharing, snapshot your screen as evidence of your dedication. Place this proof in the comments below this Hive post, allowing your commitment to inspire others to follow suit.

A Rewarding Endeavor:

Your conscious engagement will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Each screen capture of your TikTok support, when displayed in the Hive comments, will be greeted with upvotes as tokens of our gratitude and acknowledgement.

Conclusion: Echoes of Free Speech & Blockchain:

As you read this, the video is ready and waiting, poised to leap into the digital expanse of TikTok with your support. This isn't just about promoting a video. It’s about championing the sacred cause of free speech and the revolutionary promise of blockchain, resonating through the global digital space.

So, heed the call, dear Hive members. Engage with the video on TikTok, become heralds of free speech and blockchain, and let’s make sure that in the symphony of the digital age, our voices, united and strong, are heard.

(Note: Engage responsibly and ethically, ensuring that our interactions are reflective of the values and intellect of our beloved Hive community, adhering strictly to the guidelines laid out by both Hive and TikTok.)

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Asad-chughtai is my tiktok I'd name.


Tiktok is banned in India and I can't take part in this.

oh, first time I heard of it

yes, many people don't know. I used this app only for 2-3 months and it was banned. More info here-

The Indian government banned TikTok in June 2020, along with several other Chinese apps, over national security concerns. Before the ban, the app had about 150 million monthly active users in India


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