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Recently I have released a Facebook photo frame to promote HIVE among Facebook user base. The response from the HivePosh community has blown my mind—a lot of thanks to @deepresearch for the help with that whole action.

Hive community is eager, but needs aid

What I have seen is that the Hive community is eager to help with promoting the blockchain and its ecosystem, given they have the resources that are necessary to do so. Not everyone is tech savvy enough to prepare the required materials themselves—though it's safe to say that the entry threshold for Hive is rather high (and I'll get back to this problem soon). But one thing's sure: it's everyone's business to promote Hive and bring more people in, as this build up the strength of the blockchain and allows for the Hive economy to grow and profits us all.

Recently, there was some heavy discussion within the Polish Hive community about the various ways that we could promote Hive on the Internet and in the world as well. The opinions were different (as always) and very often conflicting (as always), but still there was a lot of food for thoughts there.

One of the ideas that @deepresearch brought up was to produce some HIVE stickers and let people stick them whenever they fill it's appropriate and could yield results. While some opposed heavily, considering putting stickers out there in the public to be an act of vandalism, others thought it was a great idea. I am not here to judge, even though I have my opinion as well.

Presenting you the first Hive sticker

Today I'd like to present the very first project of the Hive-promoting sticker that was created under the @instytutfi banner. It's a rather minimal design highlighting the core features of Hive blockchain and its ecosystem. It is based around a QR code, which upon scanning will transfer you to the website. I know this is not ideal, as the interface lacks the proper landing page, but I hope I will soon also have a remedy to that! :)

HIVE 5x5_QR EN.pngHIVE 5x5_QR PL.png

The sticker desired size is 50mm x 50mm, but printing it as 40 x 40 or 60 x 60 should not be a problem, it should still be easily readable and the QR code scan-able.

These stickers are free to use, distribute and modify. Feel free to grab it, get your friends, order the prints and starts sticking—if you feel that's your thing!

If you wish to have your own language version of the sticker, just let me know in the comments and provide me with the proper translations, and I'll prepare a project of you! Also, I am already thinking of doing a special web app where you'll be able to generate your own versions of stickers with the language and text of your choice.


You can download the sticker in both PNG and PDF formats. The download links are below:

There's also a small bonus inside, but shhhhh... ;)

Post scriptum

Thanks for your attention, your votes and your support! Keep it up and hive on!

30% of earnings from this post will be awarded to @deepresearch for his work for the Polish Hive community and all the help that he has provided me within the last week or so. Thanks!

See you all soon!


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Good job @instytutfi! Very useful indeed!