Call to Action! Jack Dorsey explains his project called BlueSky and he is basically describing HIVE!

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Hello Hivers!

In the last few days, Jack Dorsey has been talking again about his project called BlueSky: "a decentralized open-source social media protocol, not owned by any single company or organization."

Does this sound familiar?

Here is the Twitter thread:

There is a video where Jack reads all the tweets. @brianoflondon made an edition to add the word "HIVE" as Jack is basically describing HIVE. You can watch it at

This is the task:

Go to the Tweet below made by @hiro-hive, and make a comment, like it, and retweet it. We know that Jack is aware of Hive; maybe that's why there are so many shadowbans to Hive-related content and some account suspensions.

Additionally, you can also make comments on Jack's tweets about BlueSky.
In the comments of this post, share the proof that you completed the task, and you'll be eligible for a small upvote.

I thank all of you for being part of HIVE and for your ongoing effort and support!

vintage plate hive.png

Hive Graphic by @doze

HIVE on!


Good catch! And absolutely love the video! We should try and get this covered not only on Twitter, but also in other crypto-media.

Making some noise in response to jack is probably the best way to go as he's the one who has a large following. Added a reply from both my own and @exxp accounts.

More importantly, we should be replying to Jack's actual Tweet:

Either way, I've also quoted and liked @hiro-hive's Tweet:

Keep fighting the good fight, @theycallmedan.


Here is my tweet to Jack.

And my tweet to @hero_hive

Hive on!

Namaste 🙏

Sure! Done.
Thank you, @theycallmedan !
Thank you, @hero-hive !

For @hero-hive tweet:


and my response to @jacks tweet:



Everyone is trying to steal the concept of hive and make it theirs.




It's amazing how people try to bypass truly decentralized systems.


The more the community acts on behalf of Hive, the more we will do to spread the word.



Amazing work haha @hiro-hive your my total HERO, I knew that people would try to copy our vision and structure because we are the future, so here's my tweet to support this!

This is the best time to be alive and BEE on #hive haha!


Does anybody honestly think that Jack would really let it stay open source and let users control their own moderation? Let alone keep the rewards in there?
With the JustinSun fiasco still in recent memory I dont think Jack would be any different.

I seriously hope hes talking about something different such as gopher, dat or even Mastodon.

Heres your proof of comment.

What makes you think there would be rewards? It's just a SOCIAL NETWORK not a social content consumption and distribution platform like we're using right now.

Thats what Im saying. But people think he is talking about hive. Just trying to not let people get excited. I dont think he would relinquish control over anything. The only thing he would decentralize is the operational resources.

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He's making a new Twitter (an upgrade, the same market will use it) and using all the chaos he caused as leverage to trick people into doing the work for free, under the false pretense they'll fix the problems and save the world (free labor, no more development costs, no more liability), and those are problems he caused. The oldest trick in the book.

Create a problem, then offer a solution, but for a fee.

Textbook manipulation.


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People don't just dump their business in order to compete with themselves...

Let's now share this post and make everyone know about this.



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Thanks @hiro-hive!


What a great community action call, @theycallmedan and @hiro-hive!

Here is my reply to @hiro-hive's tweet:

This one goes for @jack's tweet:

#hive around with us, @jack

— Strawberry Love (@LAntonovici) March 31, 2021

Thank you for helping growing the Hive blockchain!

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ready 😀👍
Thank you @jack for describing #HIVE.png

This is really great they are started looking to #hive.


Hi this is my tweet



Should we thank Jack for explaining HIVe so well and right? : D
Made my comment on it;

Done the deed. 😁



Comment 77/500


I don’t know if we even want Jacks attention but it’s a great chance to let more people know about Hive. He’s helping us with PR.



Retweetet :)

Listo. Ready


Thought I'd be a bit playful.

Tweet link



Gotta love people who can't stand not being under the delusion of control!
Hiro post.png

My contribution, for what it's worth.

good initiative done my part 4 days late :P


Great initiative! Appreciate every effort of our community, my pleasure working with the best community


Screenshot from 2021-04-01 21-13-33.png

Bluesky is aware of Hive.

They took our jerbs!

They did they did they did putty tat

I am very skeptical that this chucklehead could make anything even close to decentralized as Hive. We are so far ahead of the curve in terms of distribution and governance. Really looking forward to that whitepaper to see how ridiculous it is. He literally can't even keep his head up as he reads his lines.

Seriously, all he has to do is clone and tweak. If he want's to do it, I'm sure he will. Instead of fighting it, why don't we start working on incorporating bluesky into hive (somewhere) as soon as possible. He said any developer will be able to use it, we should make an interface so that HIVE can be compatible in the future. Maybe like a tribe, if they vote bluesy they can earn some hive too> I dunno, but for sure some sort of exchange should be set up to draw them back here too. This could be some competition, o0r to could be a blessing in disguise. Why is he so slow to the party tho? lol Been waiting for them to do something like this for years. As I recall we were supposed Tron create SMT so that Jack could just use it for this instead?

Hey let's steal somebody else's idea and then market it as a completely rebranded version of reality just with an evil maniac taking credit.

Late 2018 in a post about a lot of things I wrote:

We will not see large media corporations investing in this platform. They'll borrow the idea though, once the coast is clear and they have a firm stranglehold on most of the potential profits.

Think Big or Don't Think At All: World Domination Stems From Lessons In History

you can copy the chain but you can't copy the community. #hivewaytoheaven 🤘

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My other comment.

  • I strongly believe in the growth of the platform.

And from Twitter, you should start that plan.

Basically hive but will probably be more simple and easy to understand (and thus onboard more people)?

No onboarding necessary.

Thats why my pages is also close in Twitter some 1 year now :))) Fuck I go open it Twitter more he can go fuck off, I be in HIVE 1000% .

But cool you try make it big... I hope you can share lot things there .

Funfact : My wife works with BlueSky Group in the Netherlands (pensionadmin)

now I see you post hours before me about :D

I agree we need to share "is already build, we already here and use it".

Marketing will bring us to the next level.

People should Think WEB 3.0 = hive and not Twitter.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

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Great, I will check out twitter later. Yesterday, I already spread this on YouTube viral videos. We just need the people to know it exists.

Im not supporting BlueSky, lets just say there will be conflict of interests.

I must admit that I didn't really believe he was a well-intentioned fella but his disgust with the last round of "hearings", with the Dems grilling him and Zuckerberg and the rest on doing more censorship, was very obvious. Good on him.

If you want to compare Bluesky to Hive then you're telling me that it's controlled by a few mega corporations so no one finger can be pointed at one person instead it's now a conglomerate of corporations with even more power lol I mean if that's what HIVE is then count me out.

Bluesky is simply that. Blue = Twitter so clearly already showing they want to be "in control" of it. It's just an extension of Twitter to continue to hold their grown. It's centralized they built the platform for everyone else to run their apps on. Honestly there are very FEW truly decentralized systems. I wouldn't even call HIVE decartelized honestly.

Hahahahahaahaha a lol so hard when the "HIVE" come up

Interesting to see we are using twitter
to tell him about Hive.
By now he is well aware that
Hive is already a community year ahead of him.
Live long Hivers.

its really like hive... will comment on twitter :)

Your comment "thank you for describing Hive" hahaha! priceless!

If Jack is controlling it. It will be censored and controlled.

amigo @theycallmedan es un gusto saludarte aprovecho de agradeecer tu trabajo y el apoyo que nos brindas, tengo una iniciativa que voy a proponer en la plataforma y me gustaría contar con tu apoyo, como puedo comunicarme contigo?

Regards @theycallmedan!
a Good info

Excellent information that can improve the world congratulations.👏👏👏👏👏

Totally unrelated to the thread but I just read this, yes rock under it living I am. Knew something happened but didn't know this.

Well done man!

Done My friend

I hope Jack Will be part of this platform and more!

Ready on my side. Thanks for all you do for Hive

very good point! Although his voice send me to sleep!

I wanted to bring this to your attention.

I appreciate all the hard work you do on 3speak.

And the shocking thing is that it's actually LIVE.

sample video:

brief description:

No reason to trust Jack Dorsey. He's done a lot of damage in suppressing voices that need to be heard and seems to be fully aware of what he's doing.