Call to Action - True Decentralized Social Media

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As the blockchain fever expands, we have more and more people, including developers and investors, creating projects. The problem is that not all of them are decentralized, and that's where we have to let the world know about HIVE and what we are doing.

The task for today's Call to Action is to comment on this tweet:

You can share the many benefits of HIVE and the amazing apps we have. Remember to be respectful and to promote HIVE in the best way possible. Potential investors and users are watching us.

This tweet by @geekgirl is a great example:

Post proof of your work below to be eligible for an upvote.


This is my post, made a simple illustrations with most of the Dapps



I went a few steps ahead and wrote him a short thread explaining what #Hive is all about. Hope he notices us or maybe his followers will.


Participated with my reply and quote retweet, thanks

Done. Let's give Hive more visibility


I have done and here is POW. Thanks

Happy to help support #hive

Did my part...


Like others, I’ve noticed some of my promotion for Hive get removed from Twitter.




Done, proof of work and at the end an invitation to discuss.


Tweet link


I think we should help newcomers to stay on Hive, as well.

I second that too

Working on it.

I feel that we are on the right track, I always try to promote this platform in the best way, several users that I have invited have already joined and they have taken it very seriously. I want to thank you Dan because I have always had your support here on the platform since I arrived; we need more philanthropists like you in the world.

Quieres saber más sobre Hive ?

Aquí 😃👇

Mi Nueva Publicación en HIVE

Done. Join Hive. #1


Naval and Chamath are both narcissistic and egoistic, they don't like being told they missed something out.

I don't like them.

A little shocked for him, prof of work on decentralized internet platform 🤣🤣



Hi there. I would like it and if it is not a bother if you would help me a little since I just started on the platform and I am getting to know it, I would like if you would support me with your like. Thanks in advance

You are so right @theycallmedan we need to get the word out there. I need to start publishing links to my posts on other social platforms for to inform the world about how awesome HIVE really is.