Great show! You interviewed perhaps the most universally liked personality in the Splinterland community!

Splinterfest Vegas 2022. Dave is second from the right. Had a great time.

This picture was published multiple times, it’s public.

Beside you, is that yourdaddy?


Isn't that Fat Jimmy on the far right?

It is. :)

Oh yea! Had yet to see this photo - love getting to put names to faces we've had on the show

We had a great time chattin with Dave - had a sneaky feeling you all might be buds. Great photo!

Thanks for sharing, @azircon 😎

Good times! Some titans of @splinterlands in this pic!

Amazing show, all my best wishes to the large collection of cardholders in the studio.
Thank you for sharing it here.
Happy anniversary

Thanks for tuning in, Oadissin, and glad you enjoyed the episode!

Dave is the MAN! Great content as always!

Dave is the man! Was an absolute pleasure having him on. Appreciate ya listening, Aftersound! Cheers dude!