Facing Uphill Battles: Pakistan's Struggle with Rule of Law Challenges

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"The rule of law is the foundation of any civilized society. It creates a framework for fairness and justice, for economic growth, and for the peaceful resolution of disputes." ~ Queen Elizabeth II

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Rule of law means "Equality" or everyone is accountable before law without any discrimination. Rule of law ensure fairness, accountability and justice in society. Rule of law protect fundamental human rights of citizens foster stability and economic development in society. Effective adherence to the rule of law is essential for fostering stability, promoting development, and upholding democratic values in Pakistan but rule of law faces hardships in implementation that leads to lack of confidence in legal institutions.

Challenges To Rule Of Law In Pakistan :

Details of challenges to rule of law in Pakistan is following 👇:

Political Interference :

In Pakistan rule of law ensuring bodies such as courts aren't independent. Political actors of the country effect the judicial system. In history of Pakistan there are numerous decisions were announced in favor of dictators to empower their government. Political interference in judicial system erode rule of law.

Corruption :

Judiciary and law enforcing department of Pakistan is corrupt. Corrupt judges, prosecutor and police officers undermine the public trust in legal bodies. This lead to a chain of crimes for sorting enmity by revenge. When justice is delayed by legal bodies for money claims, actually justice is denied

Weak Legal Institutions :

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Current practicing criminal and civil laws of Pakistan is outdated. Lack of inadequate institutional capabilities and resources weaken the structure of legal institutions. The corrupt elements preferred their personal interest our national and communal interests. This hinders the implementation of rule of law in society.

Security Concerns :

Terrorism and violent extremism is a threat to rule of law in Pakistan. One who raised voice against lawlessness have to face serious threats and intimidations. Recently, fake cases were launched against a legal activist of my city by legal institution.

Access to Justice :

People from backward areas aren't aware of the fundamental and legal rights. They don't avail legal remedies because of poverty and lack of legal awareness.

Human Rights Violations :

Incidents of human rights abuses, including extra judicial killing, kidnapping and illegal detention undermine rule of law and erode public confidence in legal institutions.

Preclude Remarks :

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Rule of law is key to prosperous society. To enforce rule of law in Pakistan it is necessary to make judicial independent, abolish corruption and improve legal infrastructure and spread legal awareness. Human rights assurance would boast public confidence and trust in legal and judicial bodies.

"The law is the only thing capable of making people equal." ~Roscoe Pound

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You're very correct when you said the rule of law is key to a prosperous society, these laws were set aside to regulate human behavior towards certain things.

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The problem with law and order is abundant in my country Pakistan meaning for example a huge tractor hit my car from behind in front of the police station and I ran to the police men so the tractor driver can give me some money they told me to take only 500 pkr but the damage was of 3k pkr if this would be another tier 1 country I would be fully paid at least or the guy would end up in jail.