Big Day for India

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Almost every Indian is glued up on their televisions today. It's a big day for India, with the Cricket world cup finals today. I also finished all my chores early today and now on the match. As I write this 1 wicket of India goes down :-(. India Vs Australia, it will be really an interesting one, with 2 giants of the cricket world playing against each other. India has given an extraordinary performance in this world cup series, they have won every single match right from the beginning.

There are special screening set ups for the match today. Me and my friends were also planning to go to some external venue to see the match, but sadly for us it's a working day and by the time everyone gets back home from work it would be almost end of the match, so then we decided to watch at home. Watching the match in a external set up is all together fun of a different level. There is cheering and all, and it feels a little like watching it in a stadium.

The match is being played in Ahmedabad at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

First wicket gone and look at the stadium. It's packed.


In India it is a crazy scene, in many societies there are big screen arrangements done for the society to come together and watch the match. This is one game that brings the whole country together.

Australia is a very powerful team so India is not going to get it very easy, it will be a tough fight. So who will win the match. May the best team win today and my heart says today the best team is India. They have given an extraordinary performance all through out. But at the end of the day it's a game and it's about one particular day how the team performs. India is on the first batting and so far they have been doing well.

They have 3 fours in a row in one over, such a fabulous performance.

The stadium is today filled with celebrities' and big shots. It is like as if whole of India has no work today except for watching the match. If India wins it will be a super day for all Indians. I am not a die hard cricket fan but today I am surely going to watch the whole match. Fingers crossed.

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This one of the best games I know India for.

Congratulations to everyone

True, they did not make it but they played very well all through out

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cricket?? wow I didn't know it's so popular and famous in India. Here I know nothing of it. football, baslketball, hockey, boxing - yeah, but new for me;) I even don't know the rules of the game;)
Are you a cricket fan too? :)

Cricket is the main game of India. I am not a very big fan but yes such important matches I like to watch

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It is really a big day for India
I’m glad to see that celebrities also turned up
It is so amazing

It was disappointing since India lost :-(

I'm so happy that India reach to final match this year, Good luck 🤞

They lost the finals but not to take the credit away from them for the way they played all through out the world cup

Yes i saw, Australian win the trophy this year 😬

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys as well. Cricket is one sport I know that India undoubtedly shines in. All the best to the players and happy viewing.🌺

Indians are crazy for cricket. It was a sad moment when they lost, but then it's a game

Now 3 wickets go down 😔

It was disappointing to see them lose but then cheers to them for the way they played all through out

Yes! Once I felt bad than thinking winning and losing is part of the game. We'll always be proud of the team.

Quite really a big day for India actually

It was a crucial day irrespective of the loss

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