Hive moved up today || 20% for me || I am happy that I bought it

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Hi India United Community,
I am happy as I bought #hive few days back when the price was 0.30 on one coin. It was just a week ago if I am not wrong so that means I got to earn 20% profit on #hive.

The above price was taken from #coingecko and it is the price which is seen in the #market right now but as I said in the heading that I earn 20% so let me show how I earn that much.

Let me show the current price of #hive.

Above you can see that the max price reached in last 24 hours for #hive is 0.3699 that is almost 0.37 dollars and so for me at that price I earned more than 20%, though I did not sold them.

I am #holding my #hive on exchanges for long term and I will not sell them before the #bull-run arrives and #alt-season hits the market.

The good part is that I also earn #hive via #ecency and that is with me here in the powerup form. I will soon reach 100 #hivepower here as well and my target is to collect 500 #hive before the end of this year and I hope that #hive will not cross it's high before that.

In India 500 #hive can be worth money that is earned by a middle class man in half year and some earn that money in one year but anyways, I plan to reinvest my money back in #hive when the market comes down again in bear run.

Thanks for being part of this blog of mine.


Market cap of hive is still low and even 10-20X is not much for hive.
Let's see what will happen with hive in the bull season.

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