Apsley Falls, NSW

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So, as I have mentioned in a previous post, I have been visiting family in Australia for Christmas and the New Year. This is the main reason for me being a bit slack with my posts and updates (sorry!). But now I'm stuck in iso and have the time to do some catch up.

(Apsley Falls)

A few days before having to go into isolation my parents and I took a drive out to Apsley Falls near Walcha, New South Wales. Apsley Falls is located in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park and is part of traditional Djangadi Country, about 2.5hrs west of Port Macquarie.
The drive out is fully paved but the highway is quite windy, so if you're prone to motion sickness, be aware haha!

(Native Hyacinth Orchids (Dipodium punctatum))*

When we visited there were so many native paper daisies in bloom, and even some orchids. The area has also had a lot of rain over the last few weeks so The Falls were pretty impressive! The Oxley Wild Rivers National Park also has a campground nearby and walking trails so you can explore the Apsley Gorge.

(The view along the Oxley Highway)

We finished the day with some lunch at a local café in Walcha before taking the winding road back down the Mountain. It was a beautiful day trip but being a long drive we didn't really have the time to explore The Gorge. Hopefully I can get back there one day, maybe take advantage of the campground, and stay a few days.

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The Apsley Falls looks amazing..

Oh no, one of the thousands in iso over summer! Sigh. X Stunning part of the country

It is irritating but thankfully my symptoms are extremely mild. Yes, I'm extremely lucky to have so many beautiful places so close to home.

Hello I am Fallowing you now to help support the Canada front end on Hive, a room which you have joined. I hope to interact more and soon in the room.
Are those pictures from this season?

Hi, thanks for the support!
These photos are actually from NSW Australia. They were taken about a week ago.

Nice. They let you in and out alright then it seems. Or are you back for good there, or here ?

Australia is actually really strict on who is allowed in at the moment, but I'm an Australian citizen. But I will be heading back to North America again in a couple months to continue our adventures :)

Right on. i saw your pictures from BC and other provinces, lots of beauty out this way. Let me know when you are back around, if they let you out, i float around the mountains most days.

You live in a beautiful part of the world. We LOVED living in BC. We were there for three years. Fingers crossed they let me out because I hope to come back soon.

Lots of beauty indeed. Lots of beauty where you are from for which I would like to see...lets act as if they will let you into here, and me into your country....how did we slip so far?