My son and I raised AU$562 for The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Sydney

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Thank you @trangbaby and @coinjoe for your donation when I posted about the DGR. All together with the donations from family, friends and colleagues, my son and I have raised a total of $562 AUD (about $365 USD).

Fundraising stats

  • Sydney has raised so far $218,847 AUD
  • Australia has raised $1,249,179 AUD, standing 3rd behind the USA and England
  • The DGR worldwide has raised a grand total of $10.93M AUD ($7.11M USD)

What an amazing achievement. However, the fundraising ends Sunday June 4th 23:59 GMT. You can still donate here:

The event

We left home at 7am, my wife and son took the train, it was raining 😥. After dropping them off at the station, I returned home to finish the last preparation and rode all the way down to the venue, that's a lovely ride on the highway for about 90 km which I don't often do with my 250cc cruiser but it has enough power to get up to speed without issue.

At the venue, my son and I changed into dapper clothes and got ready for the ride which started at around 11.15am. The ride started later due to the half marathon also happening on the same day, we had to wait until some of the roads are getting unblocked.

While waiting for the start, we walked around and had a look at the 900+ retro / vintage motorcycles that were participating to the ride. There were some really beautiful bikes of all types: cruisers, cafe racers, sport bikes, retro bikes etc... My wife was in awe.

11.15am, the ride has started, my son and I jumped on the good old 2007 Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator and joined the group. We rode around Sydney for about 2 hours, going through Watson Bay, the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park. Luckily, the rain didn't last and it was sunny for the rest of the day. We got to know some awesome fellow riders during the ride and it was amazing to re-discover Sydney from a biker perspective.

We all enjoyed the ride and are looking forward to next year event.

Thank you all again for your support.


You are very welcome! I am happy you enjoyed the ride and do hope you enjoy it next year. Look forward to staying in touch between.

I really want to congratulate you sincerely and wholeheartedly. You have raised your son wonderfully in this day and age. it is very healthy for him to aspire to something like this with you. it is a joy to see sons getting along well with their fathers. he also looks like a real gentleman in the pictures 😁 he looks very sweet. 🤗
I also really like the dog with glasses, if I had a motorcycle I would do the same thing ahahah. Congratulations for sharing your love with your family 👏🤗

First of all, my friend, I imagine that you must be happy for the motorcycle trip through Sydney. Those approximate two hours must have been incredible as well as exciting, and yes, we add the fact that your son's company makes it the perfect complement. I hope I can repeat that magnificent experience soon

Nice video, i am glad you all had a great day.

I'm happy that you enjoyed the ride but I'm confused here why you used a sad imoji next to word rain, don't you like rain??

Participating with classic and vintage style motorcycles, dressing dapper and riding to raise funds and awareness for men's mental health and prostate cancer research, I think this is a good cause to be a part of. I just redirected a portion of my taxes towards the Red Cross to help in their endeavors.

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Your welcome anh, very interesting event. Wish I could join it 😃
am glad you had a great ride :)

Great work. Well done! This an extremely important cause and men need to be aware of the risks. Increased awareness, publicity, and giving go a long way to make this a reality!

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so wonderful trip , thanks for sharing 😊

Feel the pleasure of seeing your child enjoying a trip with Kawasaki