Lovely Dresden "clutter". April 22

in Sticker Art2 months ago

Dresden, Neustadt, what an awesome place, every spare inch seems to be filled with gorgeous street art, and stickers. This first upload I have entitled Clutter, as there is no better way to explain it!





Imagine coming home from work, or collecting the mail and trying to work out if there is anything new to look at.




I must spend so much time snapping away at things like this I am left with no time to visit the various museums and stuff. Phew,








Some may call it vandalism, some may call it destruction of the environment. I call it beauty, art in its own whimsical way.

It is good we are all different. It is also good to see Chinese people trying to reclaim their streets. Power to the people.


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More than clutter, a free for all! Some must arrive with ladders to get their bit up on the wall.


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I call it vandalism and trash.
Would not want a child to grow up in such a nasty environment.

Clutter is a great name for it. When there are enough stickers or tags or whatever, they can actually start to look nice, in a grungy sort of way. I hate single tags spattered around here or there, but when there is a whole shit ton of them clustered together they can look pretty cool. It's the same with stickers I think.

My feelings entirely, I spend too long looking staring and reading, political, funny and outrageous, all making a statement. Grunge is good for the soul!

Great finds, even though it looks like clutter and is way to busy and the tags aren’t great and you had not much time to visit other things. Still it is StreetArt. 😎😊
Thanks for sharing @grindle 👋🏻

Well, I think so lol

It also depends who is looking at it too 😉 hehehe 🤭

Good point! Well made!

Have an amazing weekend @grindle 😊👋🏻

Wow space for artwork looks to be at a premium in Dresden 😄 must be an exciting place to live 👍

thanks for stopping by @moemanmoesly , it was certainly a great place to soak up the vibes for a couple of days