Mourn of the Sword Chapter 6 The second dance. Repost


Chapter 5

                               Chapter 6. The second dance 

I don't know how it happened. Was it destined to happen? Or did we create that miracle ourselves? Doesn't matter. Either way. Perhaps for the first time in my life I enjoyed a brief moment without fighting. Well at least without the usual fighting. Perhaps there is more to life than just swinging a sword and laughing in the face of death…

‘’Did you come for a rematch?’’ asked Cercor after opening door to his room. He didn't need to see or hear her to know that she is here. After the fight warrior’s senses were still sharpened beyond the wildest imagination of a normal human. He felt aroma of her warm body. Like a honey mixed with a whipped cream. And danger. The question itself was not necessary as well. Just an excuse to hear her voice. In the shadows of a dying evening light woman's body moved with a grace of a cat.

’Are you scared of my revenge?’’ Euphoria teased playfully. Perhaps she was not even expecting an answer. Either way she was not surprised when Cercor answered in the same tone:

‘’You think so poorly about me. I wonder what I did to deserve such harsh judgement?’’ he suddenly got serious. ‘’I will gladly take you on. Any place. Any time.‘’

‘’Here. and now.’’ Euphoria grinned with sparks of delight in her eyes.

At this point a female was fully covered in the shadows. Only those eyes were glowing in the dark. Silently challenging Cercor. Tempting him to jump forward. Cercor hated dancing according to someone else tune. But this time was different. This invitation was very much to his liking. And his intentions were already were the same as those visible in those two beautifull lustful eyes. Warrior stepped closer. And closer. Close enough to enjoy a spectacular view. Euphoria was not wearing anything besides her deadly shoes. Another step forward. She made a triumphant smirk. And then in a blink of the eye greeted Cercor by placing a short dagger right next his heart.

‘’So even you have a weakness. Well you are a man after all’’ she spoke proudly. ’’I imagine that you never before felt like your life is in someone else's hands?’’

’My life is only worth something as long as I go after what I want.’’ answered Cercor while still staring right into her eyes. ‘’If it is in your hands then it is so because I choose to place it there.’’

‘’And what is that you want?’’ she asked even thought she knew the answer. Just an exuse to hear him say those words.

’You.’’ Cercor answered. First with his blazing eyes. And only then with a calm voice. Certain of that single word.

At this moment the moon looked at them through the window. Dim light gave especially tempting shade to her skin and added even more mystery to her shapely body. Cercor could have looked at this charming spectacle for hours.

hey looked into each other’s eyes. Both were still trying to resist almost magnetic magic lingering between them. This struggle was futile because neither of them could fight against their nature. After realizing this both smiled at the same time. Euphoria used her dagger to skillfully cut Cercor's shirt. And then came her turn to gasp with delight. Warrior’s body was like a bronze statue hardened in fire and war. Even his scars seemed to fit nicely. They resembled growing plants.

But she could not admire this view for long. Soon her gaze went down and she found something else that instantly grabbed her attention.

’You do not intend to pierce me with that thing do you?’’ Euphoria pretended to be scared but was already trembling with excitement.

’Of course I will do it. Soon… But before that you should get on your knees and earn that pleasure.’’ insisted Cercor. She giggled. And then gladly obeyed.

The night was long and hot. Both Cercor and Euphoria were consumed by a passionate lust. A couple of lovers who met in weird circumstances and yet already had formed a strong bond. This union felt natural as if it had to happen this way. A naked dance in the midst of the cover of the darkness. Cercor won their previous encounter. But this time they were truly perfectly matched. Both had quite the appetite. And neither of them wanted this night to end. And so they united again and again. And again… With her legs risen in the air… With her on all fours… Both were hungry so they consumed each other numerous times. It was their passionate night. Their world of lust. Everything else completely disappeared. No longer existed. All that left was him and her. Their fiery bond and fiery bodies. And unimaginable pleasure. Nothing else mattered.

They made plenty of sounds. So these heralds of their happiness reached even the normal world. All who heard them were left with envy. All except one. Griferl was standing in the next room. He was listening and looking at one spot on the wall. Half-elf made a sharp smile. But his grin could have meant any emotion, any thought.


"The night was long and hot. Both Cercor and Euphoria were consumed by a passionate "

With the atmosphere, they have no choice but to be consumed by lust actually

With the way I am looking at Cercor and the character here, he looks so proud