🤩 August Writing Challenge w/ DreemPort & Ecency 🤩

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Happy August Scholars & Scribes!

We have an exciting partnership and announcement for everyone. For the first three weeks in August, the DreemPort curation community will collaborate with S&S to encourage writing, reading, and commenting with a variety of giveaways and challenges.

Ecency—one of Hive’s most popular frontends—is also taking part, offering Ecency Points and driving the idea around not just writing and reading, but commenting on folks’ stories too.

🏆 Challenge overview 🏆

  • Writers: create fiction and post in the Scholar and Scribe as you normally would. Be sure to use the #scholarandscribe tag to earn our tokens! On the next three Fridays (Aug 5, 12, and 19), submit your story through the DreemPort curation system for chances to win incredible prizes—More details on how this works here.
  • Writers: if you structure your stories as a 3-part story, you’ll be eligible for even more prizes! Submit part 1 on the first Friday, part 2 on the second, and so on. ▶️ (This is not mandatory. You can do one 2-part, or three totally different stories. You do not have to participate in all three Fridays either. But the more you enter, the better odds of being recognized and winning stuff.) ◀️
  • Writers: Post using the Ecency frontend for additional recognition and rewards! (The Scholar & Scribe community earns 20 Ecency points for posts that tag using Ecency… and we may just give some of those back or use them to boost your story’s earnings!)
  • Readers: Try out DreemPort—apart from stories, it will show you written content from 5 random creators every day you curate. But on the next three Mondays (Aug 8, 15, 22), you’ll see content exclusive to this challenge.
  • Readers: There’s a comment challenge involved with this initiative—leave meaningful comments on Scholar & Scribe story content and you may just find that your words will earn you extra appreciation.
  • ❗❗❗ Everyone: Make sure you check out @dreemsteem’s comprehensive challenge post here! ~ there are things like BINGO, quizzes, featured writers… the stuff above is just an OVERVIEW—the incredible DreemPort team has pulled out all the stops to make every week of this challenge interesting and exciting 😁. Every week new things and prizes will be revealed!

🎁 Minimum confirmed prize pool 🎁

Most of these prizes will be awarded for participation, not “winning” or being the best writer/reader. So stay active, stay excited, and leave those comments! Airdrops will be plentiful 😉🪂

  • Hundreds of DREEM, SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens
  • Lots of Hive SBI
  • 🤯 20,000 Ecency Points in gifts, tips, and boosts
  • 500 $PAGE ERC-20 tokens (equal to 5 PageDAO memberships)
  • Featured writer status on DreemPort’s homepage
  • 🗝️ Tons of secret and impromptu prizes + giveaways 🗝️


💛 About DreemPort

DreemPort is a platform agnostic curation community.

The system is simple: Monday through Friday, users can curate 5 random submission posts from other DreemPort users (aka Dreemers). This content can be from anywhere. You choose Accept/Reject, then rank the Accepted content. Doing this allows you to submit your content to be included in the next round of curation.

Participating, aligning your Accept/Reject choices with the guild, and submitting highly ranked content can earn you DREEM tokens on Hive. More importantly, you get writing exposure, and are exposed yourself to a diverse range of writers from all across the Internet. Learn more here.


💙 About Ecency

Ecency is the only Hive Blog frontend with its own incentive token: Ecency Points! Ecency has also developed a leading mobile app for browsing Hive.

Every action you take with Ecency (posting, commenting, liking, etc.) earns you Ecency Points. Points can also be gifted, tipped, or purchased.

Use your points to:

  • Boost a post up to $3.33 worth of Hive Rewards
  • Promote a post for up to 14 days
  • Gift or tip others

Here’s a link to the Ecency Discord. Go to ecency.com or simply switch the domain name of any Hive Blog post to ecency.com to view via Ecency. Here are links to the mobile apps: iOSAndroid.


About the Scholar and Scribe Community

Scholar and Scribe is a new creative writing community founded in the forges of Hive's passionate Pizza Guild. It sets itself part from some of the other writing groups on Hive with its unique dual-token system.

[ Quick token guideS+S 'Whitepaper' ]


Thank you for stopping by. 100% of this post's rewards go to the Scholar & Scribe community account. I own the license to all images in this post, except for the Scholar and Scribe banner icons, which were designed by @trashyomen.


Beyond excited!

Another month of amazing community unification - thank you @jfuji for this post!!!! Of course thanks to @dibblers.dabs and @melinda010100 too - for all the hard work that we've been doing to launch this month - We are so very excited!!!

You're welcome, it's been an inspiration watching you work haha!

Excellent informative contribution, already taking note of the programming for the month of August, trying to participate and support other participants. A big hug @jfuji

Excelente aporte informativo, desde ya tomando nota de la programación para el mes de agosto, tratando de participar y apoyar a otros participantes. Un abrazote

Thank you!

Good luck lads and lasses! Hope everyone has fun! 🍻

You'd been talking about ways to encourage quality commenting on Discord, so I hope this helps folks build the habit up! :D Looking forward to seeing what you might contribute story-wise or feedback-wise :)

It's gonna be fun that's for sure. Thinking about my 3-part story as we speak. 😁

Wow, I am feeling high seeing this. August is definitely going to be a month of fictional stories, are there restrictions to what we can post daily?

Scholar and Scribe doesn't have any limits in terms of frequency! Though the DreemPort challenge intake will only be three times (on the next 3 Fridays). That said, feel free to submit your content on DreemPort's non-challenge days too! Just save your favourites for the challenge haha.

Oh okay, thanks for the response. I am looking forward to having an amazing month.

A very lucrative initiative for writer, specially new one to show off their skills with their creative side of the mind.

I hope to go for it and write something tasty for the readers.



Cheers! Tons of time to engage as little or as much as you want :) ~ Hopefully this challenge suits writers and readers of all levels.

And this is it.. Dreemie sent me here.. Now I have to think of what to write 🤣..

I am sure we will see some good writing prompts and discussion over the coming weeks!

I am beyond excited for this one! I'm ready to start reading everyone's stories! ♥️

Couldn't agree more :) Thank you for all your support!!

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We are excited about this and we look forward to welcoming all the amazing entries to our Port. Haha.

August will be massive.

It's going to be a special month :D

This sound so much fun. I Gotta think about a story now.
Good luck to all!

Have a read through some of the short stories posted to S&S—maybe they will give you some ideas :)

August is already a win-win🤩🤭🤭

This is massive
Good luck guys 👍

Now the challenge is to see how many more wins we can make before it ends ;)

It should be a craking month Jordy.
I have not been writing stories for quite and some time, and hoping that having a reason to visit S&S more oten, will give me the impetus to write more.
We shall see, in the meantime it is great t os ee Dreemport and S&S joining up for a month and of course ecency being front and center too:)

Yes! I hope this challenge will help you create some fiction :)

Good luck! !PIZZA

Yes I am sure it will and thank you :)

I'm loving this amazing amount of collaboration. August is going to be explosive for all writers concerned! 💛

Same! I'd like to see writing community collaboration become more of a norm here on Hive... I've some ideas brewing in that regard for sure :D

You're officially doing a Dreemie on me! Now, I'm all a fluster wondering, what can those ideas be. !Lolz 🤗

Haha well, I think the major writing communities could do something collaborative and fun for NaNoWriMo in November! Start planning in Sept, gives a nice runway to put together something solid and special.

That sounds like a great idea for a collaboration! I hope you pull it off. 😊

Oh my my!
It has started again so soon hehe....time flies whew!

Another interesting challenge with three communities (multi community)....this is awesome....of course we would be anticipating plenty of stories....I want to read tooo!!!....I know you have a challenging story ahead!!

There will be no lack of reading material this month, that's for sure!

I'm so excited about this 🙌 Three of my favorite things are coming together!!!

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To risk a cliché, would you say it's a... perfect storm? Hahaha !PIZZA

Yes it is - but in a good way back 🙌


Looking forward to the month!

Me too! Should be a fun one :)

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Im very excited into this, it sounds a lot of fun! Im gonna start to think what will I write 😵

Awesome! Be sure to browse some existing Scholar and Scribe stories—they may help you with that ideation :)

I am soooo excited! This is just the challenge i need to push me in the right direction ❤️... Hehe.

Amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you might write :)

This great am looking up to this

It should be a good time, that's for sure!

Awesome, @jfuji you did a really good job explaining everything, I got to understand some things more better.

This is going to be really fun, I've always been reluctant to make a post to this amazing community because I find the rules kind of complicated but it wasn't after all.

Let's goooooooo and have some fun and win some really cool prizes shall we? 😊😎.

Happy new month to you @jfuji ❤️.

Happy new month to you too! Glad the rules make sense, and please feel free to ask any questions you might have—we're all here to help and have fun :)


Yes @jfuji, you did a really good job with the outline of all the process, it was so easy to understand.

I will do well to ask questions if I have any but for now I think I'm satisfied 😊.

As before, I have gotten my posts ready for this contest. It's a nice one being part of this contest. I have been following dreemport for so long now and I have also been posting on this Community which means not a new comer.

Which ever way, I'm in for this contest.

Glad to see you here! Looking forward to reading those posts :)

Hah - I just realized that I hadn't even read YOUR post on this collaboration yet but only Dreemport's. Thanks for putting this together!

You're welcome :)

Fabulous - looking forward to this a lot! Post incoming this evening for intros lol. Definitely taking on the 3-part challenge - nothing like a bit of adrenalin to keep the fires burning, right? haha !LUV !ALIVE

@jfuji! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @jfuji, @susurrodmisterio ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I believe this is going to be one of the most experienced to be birthed. The stories would be amazing and I feel the heat of the interactions already. This is awesome.

Hey @samsmith1971 or others; do we get a prompt for the 3 part fiction, or can we write whatever takes our fancy?

No official prompt, but there are all sorts of 'em floating around the writers communities here on Hive you know where to look! Zapfic, latest S&S monthly contest... ;)

Thanks jfuji; thought it was worth double-checking - but now the fun begins, thinking of the story that needs to be told! Thanks for getting back in touch.

This is excellent and very complete information. I am looking forward to participating.

How long should each part of the fictional story be?

Looking forward to seeing what you write!

I don't know if we've set a strict wordcount to anything, but I think the 500-1,000 word range tends to work pretty well?

Excellent @jfuji ! thank you very much for your prompt response 😎😉

It took me a few days of work, but I finally published an entry of this. Good Luck everyone~


Amazing! Well done.

Hello dear friends, I present my participation in the contest, Nominous is a story full of magic that will bring dark surprises, I hope you like it https://ecency.com/hive-199275/@susurrodmisterio/august-writing-challenge-numinous-1