The experience that taught Kris ( Short story)


In a bustling town called Otta, there lived a young girl named Kris. Kris was known for her extremely charming personality and her jovial lifestyle. Despite her lovable lifestyle, she had a bad habit of spending.

As a young girl, Kris has developed the weakness of impulse buying. Whenever her eyes came across anything beautiful and attractive, trust her to buy it. Whatever was trending at a particular time, she would ensure that she got it for herself. She had the latest gadgets, expensive hairs and clothes. She couldn't resist the urge to buy those things.

In her mind, she believed that having these things was what made her happy and classy and thus brought her value and respect. So she constantly had the quest of getting these materialistic things to continue to be happy.

As she grew older, the habit became worse and she found herself running into debts here and there. She found herself to be able to buy some fancy things because she was gradually running out of cash.

She went about asking for some money to keep up with her lifestyle but was often times turned down because her family and friends refused to encourage her lifestyle.

One day while scrolling through Facebook, she stumbled on a luxurious vacation package. She didn't even pause to think for a minute, she quickly applied to be part of it. Not considering the heavy finances involved, she thought it was just the perfect thing she needed to calm her nerves for a while.

When she got home from the vacation, Kris was faced with a huge debt. Her bank account was empty. There was no money to buy even the least cookies. She became in dire need for money to feed at least. It was then that it dawned on her that she had wasted so much on frivolous things.

She began to seek financial advise. This time, she was determined to turn things around. She learnt the need to budget, prioritize things and ensure that unnecessary things are not bought. She learnt how to differentiate wants and needs and developed strong self-control.

Of course, her transformation wasn't unnoticed as her close family and friends encouraged her to find herself more.

Kris became a financial adviser by experience and shared the word to both old and young on the need to have self-control when it comes to spending.

Experience they say,is indeed the best teacher.



Buying non-essential items and overspending can lead to getting stuck in needless debt. Unmanaged debt can weigh on our finances and hinder long-term financial progress. I love this short story. thanks for sharing