Heartstrings I

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Nothing prepared me for the turn my dream would take that night. It had been recurring for a few days before Jasper called me out of the blue.

The mucky water was monstrous this time around and I was stuck in it. Bubbles appeared on the surface as if there was a stove beneath the ground boiling the water. They would expand like balloons and burst, splashing mud on my face. I would swim to the edge and climb out. This night, I couldn't.

Jasper was in the mucky water too, facing away from me. I recognised that frame—that’s my son. I gasped and waddled towards him, my heart pounding loudly.

“Jasper? Are you alright?” He seemed lifeless, stock-still so I shook his shoulders. He turned to grab my forearms, splashing some muddy water around from his abrupt movement. His eyes were pitch-black and void. I screamed and struggled to get away from this eerie being. This couldn't be my son.

“Your heart. Give...me...your heart,” he sing-sang in a hoarse voice and would not let go, his sharp nails biting into my flesh. I woke up with a loud gasp, my hands and legs thrashing.

The rhythmic beep of monitors, the strong smell of antiseptic and the harsh glare of light bulbs brought me back to reality. I took a deep breath and sat upright on the sofa. Jasper's eyes were opened, staring at me. My heart lurched.

My twenty-year-old son was tall, six feet two, and formerly robust and muscular. The sight of his gaunt body, hidden beneath white linens and a sheet broke me. He'd been in an induced coma for a week. “Jasper?”

I stood and drew close to him. His eyes moved with me. The monitor beside him displayed a steady move of short lines and spikes across the screen. I gently place my hand in his palm. He wrapped his fingers around mine and held on. The tube in his mouth made communication difficult but his eyes said the exact same thing he voiced in my dream.

“I'll get the doctor,” I whispered and moved to detach my hand but he wouldn't let go. We stared at each other for a long moment.


* * * * *

“Your test came back positive which is highly probable as I told you,” said Khalid Mills, the chief cardiothoracic surgeon in the hospital where my son was admitted. “You're his mother and share similar human leukocyte antigen markers. But we've had a few cases where the mothers aren't a match.”

I nodded and stared at the white wall above his head, letting his explanation flow through me.

“It's a difficult decision to make but remember that times have changed. Medical science has evolved far beyond the twenty-first century. It's advanced now, especially with the use of our state-of-the-art, high-spec medic androids.”

“But it's risky!” I whispered harshly. He nodded. “True, the chances are even. You're healthy and your heart can live beyond the average human years.”

I sighed, stood and started to pace his office. I noticed the photo frame on a shelf—the doctor, his wife and two adult ladies smiling broadly. “Your daughters?” He gazed up from his writing and his eyes twinkled. “Yes.” He continued writing.

“If you were me, would you do it?”

Khalid Mills froze for a moment and glanced up. “I can't…it will be unethical to say anything that may sway your deci—”

“Answer me honestly. Please.”

“In a heartbeat.”


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Imagine living in a world where advanced technology and science allow you to share pieces of your heart with another person. Do you think Dr Mills can convince Jasper's mother to regenerate a piece of her heart for her son? But why does she hesitate?

See you in the next chapter of this story. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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Wow, that’s intense, @kemmyb! The dream scene is really creepy. I thought it was amazing how it was echoed in waking life! Tough decision. But yeah, I guess I’m with the doc. If science had advanced to that degree and I could potentially save one of my children through a partial organ donation — even my heart — I would do so in a heartbeat.

Thanks so much for reading! I'm sure from the title, you already guessed where this story idea came from. 😄 I was struggling with the resolution when another story idea came to me so I wrote and submitted that for the club.

...I would do so in a heartbeat

This speaks volume about the depth of parental love. It's a natural and strong instinct to save a child if it's within a parent's ability. Hopefully, Jasper's mother does the same! Thanks again for your visit. !PIZZA

Isn’t it great when multiple ideas spawn from one prompt and you just need to write them all down?

I was diving into your story and you left me in suspense. Haha.

I really liked how you built the story and the mother's conflict to save her son. I would think that the mother would do it, her son is the most precious thing, but we'll see what you have to tell us.

Thanks for sharing your story.
Good day.

😄 I enjoy suspenseful story. Let's hope I can justify it and resolve this story very well. Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for the next part. !LADY

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Such dreams are scenes fabricated by the mind in order to cope with stress and trauma. It is no doubt that it is a very hard decision to make since the outcome is not guaranteed. Both the mother and son health could be compromised but from a mother standing point I don't think anything the doctor have to say will have much effect on her decision because mothers will give anything to make their child healthy again.

You're right that the dream was the mother's mind coping with the stress of her son fighting for his life in the hospital. Let's hope she does right by him. Thanks so much for your visit and insightful comment. !PIZZA 🙂

Wow... You described it so intensely and I was lost in the mother's world for a while. I really enjoyed reading this story. Can't wait for the next part.

Thanks so much for your kind words! Soon we'll see what the mothers decision will be. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this story. !LUV 😊

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My goodness, Jasper's mother has quite the decision to make.

I like the way you wrote this story. It was very vivid in my head.

Hello, @restcity. Thanks so much for your comment! Indeed, Jasper's mom must make a decision. Will she or will she not help her son stay live? I'm glad you liked this story. 🙂

I don't think I will hesitate to regenerate a piece of my heart for my child because what am I even living for if I can't? I'm really curious as to why she's even deliberating on it. look forward to the continuation.


I believe most parents think the same as you have expressed here. Stay tuned to the continuing parts to know the reason why this mother hesitates. Thanks so much for reading. !LUV 😊

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My eyes are glued 🥰