The Basilisks; Chapter Organization

Chapter Name:



For the Emperor, we hunt!

The Basilisks have also formed a prayer, sort of ritualistic devotion to the Emperor of Mankind not too dissimilar to that found in the Black Templars.

"För den Store jagar vi.
För den Store förtär vi.
För den Store dör vi."

“For the great one, we hunt.
For the great one, we devour.
For His glory, we die.”


21st Cursed Founding, 991-M36



Successors Of:

Blood Angel

Chapter Curse:

Their skins are prone to boiling when in direct sunlight

Number of Battle Brothers:


It is also important to note that the Basilisks have very few Primaris units, as they view these new arrivals as untrained and unreliable. However through their own trials a fresh Primaris Marine may be accepted as a full Battle Brother.

Chapter Master:

Prime Hunter: Garther Tasul



The home planet of the Basilisks is an odd one, it’s land structure primarily consists of one large desert, jungle and antarctic biome regions which has affected the Chapter’s structuring, tactics and specializations very heavily.

Fortress Monastery:

The Basilisks’ primary Fortress Monastery “Huntsman’s Throne” is set in an area that is within the very middle of the three main biome regions of the planet.
However, this is mainly used for mass gatherings, rituals, prayers etc. The Basilisks have set up three secondary fortreses comparable to Fortress Monasteries within the primary regions of the planet:

“Winter’s Fang” in the arctic region.
“Snake’s Tongue” in the jungle region.
“Dune’s Castle” in the desert region.

Chapter Colors:

Primary: Bone beige
Secondary: Black/Dark Grey
Tertiary: Grey

The Coloring of each individual battle brother may vary, as each Marine is permitted to customize their armor however they see fit. Whether this be by having a single pauldron, an entirely black torso or even a full camouflage covering as seen in Riever squads, Scouts and other infiltration experts.

Each Marine (except for Terminators) must also have some form of Regional coloring. The standard being their region color on their right knee pad and a fully black left knee pad.

Desert: Deep Candy Red
Arctic: Light, almost white blue with cobalt shading
Jungle: Deep forest Green with grassy green highlighting

Their squad number is marked in their right knee and their place in their squad on their left however they are styled differently. The Squad number is marked in traditional Roman Numerals whereas their number within the squad is a simple every day number.

Another unique aspect for each Battle Brother is that they display their high level kills on either their chest or shoulders. These are usually marked with scratches however particularly impressive kills are displayed with that enemy’s symbol a an “X” across it. Such as a Necron Ankh or T’au Sphere.

Older marks of Power Armor that the Chapter has in it’s possession are also uniquely marked out. Those that had been worn during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy have parts of their armor left in their parent Chapter’s original colors.


The Basilisks’ ranks are shown not only by ornate armor but also by tribal inspired markings.

First Eye (Tactical Marine or Standard Infantry such as Intercessors): One red stripe across the left helmet eye

Sharp Eye (Devastator or other heavy weapons specialists): One red stripe across the right helmet eye

Blood Eye (Assault): One red stripe across each helmet

Blooded Huntsman (Sergeant): Black face plate

Ancient Huntsman (Veteran): Two red stripes across the right shoulder and a white helmet

Great Huntsman (Captain): Two red stripes across the chest

Blooded Ancient (Chaplain): Standard Chaplain coloring

Terminator Honors: Three red stripes across either side of the helmet

These markings are designed to be used together on both Armor and skin with the latter being painted on with a blood/heavy pigment mix.

Assault Veteran Sergeant: One stripe across each eye, two stripes across the right shoulder and a black face plate.

Basilisks prefer to have some form of camouflage appropriate to their surroundings across their armor and even skin when exposed.

Another unique difference between standard Battle Brothers and more senior ranks is that those above Sergeant have red blood drop shaped gems, whereas lower ranks have green blood drop shaped gems.

Chapter Badge:

Head of a Basilisk serpent encircled within a black ring.



Codex Compliance:

Partial compliance.

Prefered Tactics:

Mid-Close range Combat specializations. However sharpshooters are a common occurrence within the Chapter.


Over sensitive Occulobe and Betchers Gland



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