A Spoken Word Tribute to the Year Ahead

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It's the first anniversary of the Neoxian prompts, and I'm thrilled by how far the prompt has come since last year, when it first kicked off. I did participate in the first ever one, and thereafter I joined some that I could relate to. To celebrate the one-year anniversary, the team encourages us to either write a poem or a spoken word about the new year, and below you'll find my entry.


I'm not really good with spoken words now, but then I decided to use my motivational instinct to come up with a spoken word that aligns with their theme, and who knows, hopefully it would be good in your opinion. Well, without further ado, let's dive into the spoken word.

Standing in awe as the new year is finally upon us, behold the garden of dreams and aspirations, knitted with threads of hope, possibilities, and aspirations for a better future, alas would fear arise or elope!

A new year is like a train or a bus boarded by loads of people with different aspirations and destinations in mind. You'll make friends, allies, and enemies therein; be wise enough to flitter through each to identify your destiny helpers between them; and journey through time to make the rest of your life the best you can ever wish for.

You've got to stay focused in order not to be blown away by the wind of time or the pains that lie therein. Downtime is normal; what you do thereafter is what makes the difference between you and those who never recover from it.

It's a new year, a year that holds limitless possibilities. With the rhythm of each day, you've got to embrace the power within, reach out to the inner you, dig out your potential because it knows no bounds, believe in your ability and dreams, and take bold steps. Look above limitations, barriers, and stubbing blocks because you possess the power and resilience to conquer obstacles and turn your aspirations into reality.

You're all you need to be successful, so trust the process, your journey, and your instincts, and don't let discouragement get the best of you. Let each failure be a stepping stone that motivates you rather than breaking you down, and in the end, you'll be pleased with how you channeled your passion and persisted with unwavering determination, which would become the blueprint of your success.

Stay focused, be determined, and stick to your steadfastness, because your success story just begin.

That's about all on my charge for you this new year via the spoken word. I hope you enjoyed the read. Do have a blessed and productive year ahead.

Thanks for your time, sincerely. Vickoly.

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Yea, a lot of us have boarded this train already in this new year, with diverse aspirations and destinations, coupled with positive expectations at the end of the journey. It's my desire that we all achieve greatness at the end. That's a nice tribute/motivational word to deliberate on this year.

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One year anniversary prompt 😱 and I never participated in neoxian prompt. So today I am deciding to participate in neoxian prompt this year.
To be honest I think you needed to think a lot to write the post because I think organizing to this kind of thoughts is not so easy although we can feel it. Finally you shared your thoughts pretty well.


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Wise words for everyone starting the new year. These are words and thoughts to live by. Lots of sound advise for anyone doubting their skills or themselves. Indeed we are full of potential and capabilities and need to believe in ourselves. Thanks for sharing your motivational and encouraging reminders.

Happy New Year.
Thanks for your participation.

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A new year brings new possibilities and hopefully new opportunities to look forward to or engage in. You are so correct - along the journey we need to identify who will move with us or impede us. It is difficult enough as sometimes fear is our worst enemy but we need to find the strength and courage to pursue our goals and dreams.
Thanks for sharing your wise words.

Happy New Year to you.

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