Beyond Doubt: Whispers of the Unseen - Chapter 118

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Welcome to my seemingly endless journey.
A trip that will take you to places I might have visited many moons ago.
It´s a tale that came back to me when I meditated on one of my past lives. A life I told you about in my unbelievable true story.

As promised in that story I will now share this story with you.

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Chapter 118

Dear Reader, Do you see life as an infinite balance beam, on which you travel like unsteady passengers.

Following that narrow straight path that you have set for yourself and for what?

What prevents you from stepping down from the high beam and receiving with open arms whatever will throw itself at your feet?

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"Zion," I speak softly with some disbelief. "How is she able to cross half a palace without being seen?"

"It seems that the palace has some secret passages that lead out here and there. She went to the kitchen, and on the way back, she couldn't resist visiting me," she says. "She was very impressed by the power I had over her father and curious about what kept him so busy. She listened attentively while I did everything. Well, not everything, but some of it was explained. While I was talking to her, I sometimes felt lost in her eyes. She is truly beautiful."

"Just like her mother," I agree.

Numico continues. "During the conversation, I felt her hand on my leg. It made me dizzy; I had difficulty getting my words out. You know I've never been this close to a woman my own age, let alone one like that. When we finished speaking, she left the room. In the doorway, she looked back and smiled cautiously at me. So soft and so warm."

"It's difficult enough at the moment. I really couldn't use this form of distraction, was the first thing I thought when she left the room. Unfortunately, or perhaps not unfortunately, the fact was that I had difficulty organizing my thoughts for the rest of the night."

I thought about my own confused thoughts, my feelings for Krya. I have to bite my tongue so as not to overload Numico with my story. That boy couldn't handle that; this was too much for him already, so I swallow my words.

“I understand that. Sion is a beautiful young woman; I understand that it is difficult maybe impossible to resist.”

The young man smiles shyly, “That doesn't bother me at all. But we are at a turning point; many things are about to happen, and I don't know if I can trust my heart. My mind has to stay focused. It is of the utmost importance that I don't make any mistakes. Our ancestors do help me by giving me direction and information that makes him realize that my message is indeed real. Because there is no way that I could have acquired certain knowledge in any other way than from the stars and the old ones."

"In fact, it seems that he is slowly realizing that he may not have all the truths. That the emptiness he feels and wants to fill with my message may stem from the emptiness in his role, in his existence. But the man is so hard to convince, so set in his ways. That every time I think I have helped him a step further, he goes back to old ideas. For fear of losing his grip on his world and having to accept new realities."

"It's as if every step I take forward forces me to then take another step back to keep the balance in balance; it's virtually unwavering. But I think we will get there; at some point, the sun of realization will break through the clouds of his ego and fear."


"That he will accept a new reality, no matter how much he would like to hold on to his own. When you are aware that your vision is based on untruths, you can hardly believe in yourself without despising yourself. And if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that this man doesn't want to despise himself."

"He is and has placed himself in such a position that he is considered to be the most important thing in the universe. Then you cannot see yourself as anything other than infallible. And anyone who considers themselves infallible cannot despise themselves and must ultimately turn in the direction they think is reality. Even if it is different from the reality you previously adhered to. New information gives you the right to revise your opinion, but how long will that last?"

"And then, what if it doesn't end with this one visit, what if he finds out that his daughter...? Am I being tested or is that part of the plan? Because of the unrest in my heart, I'm not sure. Normally I can sense it, but this feeling makes me doubt.”

These last words in particular sound very tired from this young boy's mouth. I feel great awe at his perseverance. For his confidence in changing this unyielding spirit.

I also hope that he won't end up in the same hole as me. Although Zion has not yet been discussed, it seems unlikely to me that the Sikh would agree to an alliance between the two. Or would there be a future there, an unorthodox one it would be but the Sikh respects Numico, I hope the best for the boy.

“Friend, I see the burden on your shoulders that does not seem to be lightened by the arrival of Lady Zion. But you also know that everything that is going on now has been building up slowly. She comes your way for a reason. The question might be more, how can you use this unexpected situation to your advantage?” As I hear myself speak, the words feel empty. But Numico's eyes seem to glow.

“Rest, my friend, tomorrow will again not be an easy day.” I stand up and turn around; the Numico that seemed so tired just moments ago seems to have disappeared.

“Sleep well, Martio, and thank you.” He says with a smile as the door quickly closes behind me.

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