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The world is growing so fast at a pace that is totally unimaginable, science called it the Computer age or jet age looking at the rapid change in the ecosystem, science and technology fast taking over literally everything we do, which of course made life easy and at the same time poses some threat to the existence of mankind.


Which got me curious with the wide spread of knowledge almost nothing is now hidden since the inception of the internet virtually everything can now be found on the web, which of course made life easier than the previous generations were it was analog all the way, as there is an automation of everything.

I kind of like it all cause knowledge is on the increase, science, technology evolves everyday as researchers are even more curious as to how things should be more better and easier, every day we get to see new advancements, new and better innovations more creative ideas and as such advance economies are now mAking provisions for all this advances towards science and tech.


It is scientifically proven that from birth to about 6years of Age absorbing rapidly every information that comes across to them enormously the child brain can be like to a sponge soaking up everything it could get around her environment, that why children develop 85% of their brain structure from around age 0-5years and they grow with this structures that's why a child upbringing matters a lot.

they grow with this concept for the rest of their lives, and at this stage they are so curious about almost everything around them that's why a child easily imitates the mom, observing, understanding and reacting to things base on the perception they have about it which is virtually the way you act.

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Children at a very tender age learn so fast, children reasoning and learning abilities is far beyond that of the adult cause their brain is in a developing stage and as such they just are just curious to absorb every and anything around them, it is this curiosity instinct that triggers they way they react to new things,

That's why pre-schooling sessions now have some basics science for kids to experiment common things that attract their interest, computer classes, fun scientific games to trigger their excitement towards learning in that direction.

The Essence of Technology learning as become so easy, if you should hand your smart phone to your 3 years old you'd be surprised at how she will log in to a game kick start it and play so well children at a very tender age children can navigate and operate your laptop or smart phone better than you do, if you buy your child a toy the first curios things that will pop up in their minds is to know how it is made, and so they try to open it up and fix it back up.

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In as much as we are excited about the whole dramatic evolution of science and technology we must be kin to note it's effect on our children

The impact on Future Generations

Recall that Elon musk sold his first soft ware program a space video game called Blastar for about $500 at age twelve, how old was he when he started out building interest on computers as at that age and times.

Fast forward to present day you can see that since he started out till date his inclination towards computer software development and engineering is endless even colonize mars and making it habitable for humans, SpaceX and Tesla electric automated vehicles, all of these makes sense that if you kin enough to guide your kids aright towards the advancements of science and technology then the future will definitely become unimaginable..

But still there are side effects to this

Kids can really get addicted to these things for the very wrong reasons spending too much time on screen can have adverse effect on their eyes
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Negative influence also include
-Falling Grades
-Addictions to social media
-Social interaction issues
-loosed interest in academics
-Disrespect to perental control

Positive Influence also include
-Effective learning tool
-self experimenting commits to long term memory
-improve Problem solving and quick decision making
-improved multitasking abilities
-boost creative and imagination sense of children
-makes learning fun and exciting.

Thanks for coming thru and never backing out


Technology brings benefits for children as long as it is given the proper use, there is a very popular saying "excesses are not good", schedules and issues should be established for the use of these devices; maintaining a balance is the most appropriate for the welfare of the child, several studies have shown that staying for many ors in front of these devices affects the vision and brain, hence the importance of balancing the use of these devices.


You just nailed it hard, simple straight up fact. You're 💯%...

Thanks for this .... It's feels great to realize, this knowledge is real

Agree with you.. technology can be either a good influence for kids development or a bad one; it depends only the way they use it. How and why, when, for how long...these are just a few to mention that impact and change the final result on kids using devices and technology.

As parents and educators we must keep an eye on these things and put boundaries between these two: kids and time limitations using gadgets

I totally agree with you on that...thanks for stopping by appreciate you a whole lot

Bearing in mind the negative effects of the technology on young ones, guardians ought to initiate parental control in their devices, limit their screen time and get them engaged in areas of tech that they admire. That way, they'll channel their hyperactivity there while learning too..

This was a nice read.

That is just the perfect truth about it, caution should be applied to allowing our kids spend time with all this gadget, especially the rich folks going out to buy whatever their kids demand just to show their affluent in life, extravagant spending also breeds negative attitude on kids
Then helping them more on the positive aspect of science and technology knowing that it propels them to become more curios about how they work and learning along side

Thank you very much,

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Your content is interesting. I really like that you mentioned the negative and positive of such an event in the advancement of humanity, especially the little ones exposed to science and technology.


Thanks a lot, it is the current reality among us and we must as parents and guidance keep a kin eyes on our kids to monitor their interest, to motivate or restrain them in certain areas

Thanks once more....