Grammar and Spelling

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Visiting numerous places provides an opportunity to take snapshots of different bill-boards, signs, booklets, and shop fronts. The most entertaining part of this is to spot errors.

People, just like myself, make mistakes and sometimes these are glaring errors that just have to make you laugh... so why not utilise this as a homeschool project.

As an unschooling family it's a perfect learning opportunity for your kids.

  • Inspire reading skills.
  • Improve comprehension.
  • Activate curiosity.
  • Enhance acute sharpness of their brain power by simply spotting errors.

Take pictures and create a portfolio for each child to get creative with pictures, glitter, glue, and corrected information. It's a simple, inexpensive project that can last months in order to build up a substantial portfolio of errors.

Here are a few I spotted...



Mareeba Rodeo Grounds - showoers instead of showers 😱


Bamaga receipt from Dreamtime Store, dreamttime double t instead of one t and Bamagan instead of Bamaga 🥴


Seisia Store - open 7 days... but closed on Saturday and Sunday 🤣


Affordale freight instead of affordable freight 😳


The word 'then' and 'than' is often incorrectly used.



Oh lol. This is a very nice project idea. Guess we'll take on this one! There's plenty that can be spotted here in our city and we don't even have to go far.

Thanks for sharing!

🤣 I know right!

Check out advertising brochures too. Auto-correct spelling has a lot to answer for.

One of my favorite things to do it to look for misspelled shirts or typos on shirts. Sometimes I even ask people here if they know what their shirt means and they usually don't, so I try to translate it for them. Ha! It's interesting that people don't just check with a native speaker just to be sure. Or google translate is pretty good these days. 😉🌸

Lost in translation 😂
Google translator is the worst. I'm not always correct either when writing but it doesn't matter. We're all learning and kids can have fun using this idea while learning.

We look for English typos as well. It's interesting to find them.

Especially when we have spelling checkers. Auto correction is not so good as it decides for you sometimes.

Me too have seen different errors on boards and announcement. We all have errors but still we can laugh even into our own errors. What matter is we are open for correction.

Thanks for sharing @ingridontheroad

Absolutely, always learning. Life is wonderful.

Greetings @ingridontheroad, it is a pleasure to read your posts, the project is very good for children to improve reading and comprehension skills an original idea to take advantage of travel and learn.


Hi Ingrid

Oh I love this and spotting the funny ones is always a laugh. I got one the other day that sent me into fits of laughter. I'm on a second hand texting group and a lady posted a picture of what looked like a scrunched up bed sheet with the caption "King sized night thrill $xyz" I actually took a screen shot and sent it to my friends just for a laugh. I think someone said something because the next one she posted was correct 🤣

It's a great idea to use it for spelling and grammatical errors and will teach your kids to be sharp.

It's awesome to utilize it as a school project. Funny ones are the best 🤣

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