Mermaid [jolpori] and fish friendship under the sea. Mastery of art and nature

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Hello #homeedders community I hope to God you are having a great time with hard work.May the Creator always appreciate your hard work Ameen. I am very sorry for the delayed posting.Today I will present to you the friendship between the fish and the mermaid under the deep sea. Jai Ki is prepared by art and natural means.I hope you all will enjoy it carefully.Today I will present you some things about this amazing ocean.I am delighted and inspired to present.
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I used the leaves of bay leaves which helped me to make the mermaid,Then I made a middle dress with jackfruit leaves. It means a lady who lives in water. Also I prepared narrow leaves and small flowers of submerged aquatic plants. Where Nature is found in the deep land of the sea.That scene of fresh fresh and salt water.The wonderful sight of fish coming down from above for its food.


  • tree leaves Jackfruit leaves,sajna leaves,and bay leaves
  • Art paper
  • pencil
  • Fabical glue
  • scissors

Step by step making plan

First I took all the necessary tools including a pencil and a tree leaf. Then I cut a tree leaf in half.I attached that piece of leaf to a piece of paper using Favicol glue.



Then I cut a small jackfruit leaf in size 3×4 cm. Next I cut two leaves. To make the mermaid tails.I then attached them to the paper with fevicol glue.


Then I cut out a paper in the shape of the face of the upper part of the mermaid.Then I shaped the eyes starting from the eyebrows and mouth to the hair, with a pencil,


Then I drew a red flower on the stump,


Next I cut the jackfruit leaves with scissors.And Eucollector cut the leaves of the tree in a longitudinal design.Which forms the nature under the sea.

Then I attached the leaves to the paper one by one with Favicol glue.Then I attached a large leaf to the side of the mermaid.


Then I cut out some leaves and made a fish shape.Then I cut some paper and made a fish face.After that I rounded a white paper into a fish eye shape.Then with a pencil I drew in the middle and gave the shape of the eyes.



Finally we see the friendship that the mermaid and the fish have in the open.My daughter usually helped me in making it.My daughter's experience may lead to more endings.


Selfie with our making idea

Thank you for reading my creative article blog .Stay safe,stay happy.i think if you find any mistake in writing or something. Please allow me to correct it.And find me on social media.

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DeviceTecno spark 48 Ultra sensing all camera

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All Prepared by @mdakash62

How creative! I love using nature elements to create arts for kids! It looks really cute. I remember now how fun it was to make crafts when in school, long long looooong time ago. 😅

thank you so much for your opinion with your concern my dear friend. Its true