Acorns. Life Cycle of an Oak Tree. Multidisciplinary Activity studing Acorns. 🌰🐿

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Hey guys,

There are only a few days until, officially, we enter the winter's season. But somehow, in my mind its still Fall, even though outside it's freezing 😄. I think I see it this way because we've had such high temperatures in September (even October) you would say it's summer. So this year, Fall was compressed within one and a half month. 🍁🍂

Anyways, I though to share some more of our Autumn Learning Activities before I start with the Winter ones. 😁

We have been studying Acorns.

I just need to mention all these activities were made last year, this time. So Caleb had not even four years old. I am always wowwww'ed when I realize how patient he was to study all kind of topics at this early age and how easy was for me to explain him why's and how's. His spongy brain was ready to soak all this information without effort at all.


I prepared different activities on this topic, so we could approach many disciplines: Math, Vocabulary, Arts, Science.

Overall, it was a lovely time spent studying Acorns and Oak Tree, getting into Nature study and learning to appreciate nature and taking care of it.
Thats one of the reasons I prepared all this: I really Adore teaching Caleb about Nature and I feel 100% in my element when we study something relating to nature and natural environment.
Nutrition and Nature are top on my list teaching my little one.

Build an Acorn

This is what we started with. I thought this is more relaxed and fun to do. The Little Acorn was THE Star during this activity and she had a special place, attending all the learning.
It was a creative activity and this DIY Acorn was so loved, Caleb played with it for weeks!
He named her Acornutza, meaning The Acorn, but in a more personal and sweetest way.






Next, we put all the letters together to identify how the word Acorn is written.


Then, Caleb wrote two lines to practice writing. He still writes....well, not too beautiful 😆 ,but I'm working on it. We now practice Writing almost every day. However, he was 3yrs and 10 months old. What to expect? I think he did great for his age and I always encourage him for trying and for wanting to do better.

On the first row, there were already dot to dot letters, so it was mostly about tracing the letters.
Only to the second row, he had to write same sentence again by himself.



Math with Acorns

I saw this worksheet and I knew I had to print it. At this point, Caleb was crazy about numbers, counting, multiplication etc. He still is in fact.
Overall, this was a good idea to incorporate in this learning Acorn theme.

At first, Caleb had to color the little acorns. Then I cut them and again, he had to put them together.
On a side he had the Math operations like 2x11 and on the other side the results to pick up from: 22, 55, 33 etc.



Story Reading

In order to learn the Life Cycle of an Oak Tree, we first read a book called exactly like this: Little Acorn

It's actually the Life cycle of an Acorn presented as a cute Story. This way, children understand better all the changes than are happening with an oak tree from the moment seed is implanted until it grows a big tree.

The book ends with a round diagram explaining the life cycle of little acorn.





Life Cycle of an Oak Tree

After reading the story and talking about how acorns are eventually forming, we did these two worksheets to save all new information in the brain.

This is first version, starting from
Seed (Acorn) ➡️ Germination ➡️ Sprout ➡️ Sapling ➡️ Mature Oak ➡️ and again Acorn falling on the ground.



Second worksheet we did was easier, only with four spots to fill in.


Acorn Study - Sensory Play

At last, we had some acorns and tried to study them, feel them. Unfortunately, they were rotten inside (and outside) 😒. Also, we had Oak leaves to study their form, color, texture.






Oak tree coloring

We colored an Oak tree both in Fall season and Summer season so we can see the color changes occuring once the Fall is coming and the tree is getting less and less warmth and light.



I think this was all we studied that day. I love to organize such Learning sessions, having a central topic and the learning is happening all around that specific subject. I did the same with Pumpkin and Apple. I will share those too someday.

I hope this is useful for you too. I took some worksheets from Twinkl, where I pay a small amount every month and I get access to all learning resources found on the platform. But you can google for worksheets, I'm sure you'll come across something useful.

Have a great day everyone,

Missdeli 💓


Lovely bit of science work and learning with the little guy! I think nature and nutrition are certainly some of the most important topics there are! We have a little bit of an issue with acorns and oak trees ourselves.. they invade our family’s lake house LOL but it’s great to learn about them! I actually found a cute thing that I’m going to do with my son in a week or two when he gets over his cold that he’s got right now. Planting a pine cone indoors and watering it, watching it grow slowly!


very cool! is it your idea, or you have got it anywhere?
not good writing, but multiplication tasks are super good, so cool you've found his strong sides!

Well, I would say it was my idea but I dont know what u mean exactly.
It all started reading this cute book. Then I thought what can we do on the topic and so I started to look up for some worksheets and reproduce the life cycle of acorns. Thats all.

And yes, definitely numbers are his thing however, if I'm thinking right, his writing is not that bad. We must consider he was 3 and 9-10 months when he wrote the worksheet. Its actually great for his age.
And yet, now at 5 he still writes the same. I just started to work on that 😆

I loved the teaching you have been able to do with your little son about nature, it is very educational and you have used very well that taste that your little one has for numbers and other skills, I enjoyed reading your publication, in my case my son is fascinated by animals, you have given me useful ideas to put into practice. Greetings to you and Caleb.

Thank you! I'm glad you can use some of these ideas and that you find my post good for inspiration.
My kid here wasnt too attracted to animals, ever. Though I wanted so bad 😆💓💓 i always imagined we would make more activities on anumal theme. I struggled to engage him into animal activities. But he always was into numbers and writing.

I am so jealous of Caleb right now, you sure went all out to explain everything to him. I enjoyed reading every bit of this.

You are a fun mummy and teacher @missdeli and I love how you do all of these effortlessly🥰🥰

Thank you, appreciate your encouragement! 🤗

You are welcome!

winter is very unhealthy

Hmmmm....Why is that?

Lol what a weird statement

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