Autumn Art and Craft Ideas to work at home with your kids

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In this community, we're always doing something with our kids: cooking, playing games, reading,coloring, language learning, sciece, etc etc! We've got all covered!
And how wonderful it is because we can inspire one another and find useful learning materials and resources we can all try!!

Here in Romania, we're still in Fall season and once a few days, we try to have some "Art Time" in order to keep creativity alive! So I've got a few ideas for you, in case you might be interested to try them as well.


Broccoli and Acrylics Fall Tree

Over the time, we made a lot of trees, using whatever we could find. No matter if they were Fall Trees, Spring, Summer or Winter Trees.

This time we used Broccoli florets to create a beautiful Fall Tree.

I love how it turned out! Don't u? 🍁
And the colors!




Another Fall Tree

This time we used remains of sharpened colored pencils.

I mostly tried this activity with Caleb to work on his motor skills and attention. He doesnt seem to be focused anymmore when it comes to arts and crafts, so I thought to work a little on this cute tree and let him concentrate.
He wasnt excited about this one, but he was happy to use the glue though 😆.
I guess he's not interested because we did so many of these, he's already over it. Literally!

But I'm sharing it with you, maybe yoir children would be happy to try it.




Carioca Paper Towels Fall Leaves

This is a sort of an experiment using carioca.

Cut paper towels in leaf shape.

You need to use carioca on paper towels, only at the base of the leaf. And then soak the towel's base in water. It will get colored alone.

The better the cariocas are, the best results you'll get. The colors will fade as they get dry.


Caleb assisted the whole process.




Playdough Time

Always a quick & easy activity to do is Playdough. Ooohh, how many times this was life saving. 🧡🧡
Give a child playdough and they're happy!
We did here a Fall Scenary, using our cute little colored tools .





I hope you can use my ideas and your kids are happy to participate making all these arts.

Take care,
Missdeli 💛


That is really cool! The broccoli proved to be very versatile -- this time as an art brush!. 🫢

It was really cool! I loved it too! 🥦🎨🖌

All really cool bits of experimentation but the pencil shavings were the favorite of mine for sure! I wouldn’t have thought of that and love the creativity of doing it that way. Wonderful work!

Thank you for your lovely reply! The pencil shavings idea came out of nowhere, after sharpening our crayons and having a huge pile of them 😆
And I thought ...hmmmm, what can we do with all these?? 😁

broccoli pictures are my love! I never had an idea we can use them in such a way, very creative!
napkins and colours - yeah, we did it as well, looks so bright:)

What picture does Caleb like the most?:)

He cant really decide. 😆😆

Wow! These are awesome ideas! Love the Broccoli acrylic tree! I think we're gonna try the playdough art.

Thank you @romeskie! Appreciate your comment and I'm glad if you girls try out the playdough art idea. I loved the colors on those ones 😆 I'm always in love with crafts and arts if there is color!! 🌈

Lady finger can be a good option...we often find kids playing with is quite an interactive way to keep busy and also informative

What do u mean with lady finger?

Here, lady fingers, in English reffers to a sponge cake.'s okra...

Aaah ok 😆 wasted the broccoli .. You can use cotton or a scourer next time hehe..
But he's really as talented as you ☺️


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Ehhh, just 3 florets of it. Its not that much trouble.
Over the time, we did used cotton, cotton ear buds, sponges, you name it! 😄

you are very creative, friend

Thank you!

Broccoli that has been used for painting with? I'd probably still eat it! 😁

Again being late replying comments. 😁

However, I'm not so sure eating acrylic paint is good for you. 😆

Maybe it depends on how hungry I am?

You're probably right though, it might cause issues I'd rather not have.

Well, you surely dont seem the type of eating Broccoli covered in acrylic paint, but I understand that hunger can be a trigger. 😆

It's the bright colours that make it appealing.

Actually, I've never done it and probably won't, but one never knows right?