One full day in Pijamas

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No, not just my son. I mean both of us...and believe me: PJs are the nost comfi cloth item you can wear at home, but I know you already knew this 😜

Hey guys! Missdeli here, as you figured πŸ’“! (who else sharing from my account, right?) I so missed writing something πŸ₯Ή
Sorry it took me so long, two weeks! Uhhh, its not little.

Its been days since I started to write a post and share it here with you, but everytime I've got into it, I couldnt decide what to write about:

Should it be a kids friendly recipe, a dessert recipe or just a normal food recipe? Should I write about our learning activities or make it a travel post? Or maybe a nature lovers post? Ahhh I know. A PHOTOGRAPHY lovers post! Even better! A coffee post.

Yupppp! That was me! πŸ™„
The result ➑️: in the end, I got tired and didnt write at all, for days! πŸ˜πŸ˜‘

In the end, Today I decided to share with you how our yesterd was. We both stayed in Pijamas all day long. But learning continued even so.

We did many activities while I was lying on the sofa 😁. Caleb pulled his table near the sofa and we continued from there. Overall, it was a great day for learning, with many activities and learning opportunities.

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Playing Chess

We started our day with the chess board. Literally, this was the first thing we did. Learning chess means repetition, modifying strategies and constant attention.
My son really loves chess, more than I thought. He's not five yet, but he's really into it and has an eye for it too.


Sorry Game

Next after chess, we played Sorry game, two or tree rounds.
This is the game I'll go with when I'm tired, buzy or simply I can't focus.


Chess Homework

His favorite part of the day is to do his chess homeworks.
Honestly, this is a relax moment for me because I get to have some chill time πŸ˜πŸ˜….
I have to check his homework. For this, I have the answers on my phone. Every time he resolves one diagram, I need to check it. And I usually do this meanwhile I work on my puzzles, writing a post, reading, drinking a tea/coffee, just having a quiet still time.

But lately, he resolves his homework with so much speed I can barely put one puzzle piece on its place. πŸ˜…


Getting better with Reading

I bought one book with special charachers for Caleb, so he could work on his reading skills.

The format is big, all is written in Uppercase letters. And the book is called Eugen is a genius.

During the day, we had many books in our hands, there's always time to repeat reading.

I think you all can agree with me that some of his reading postures are funny enough. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†




We got into Math as well. We picked only the worksheets he felt like doing.

We tried Addition Pyramids for the first time and he was really excited! I think I first saw this at @emmaris and I thought what a cool idea to try it myself with this kid of mine πŸ™‚. So here we are! Thank you Emmaris for sharing this idea with us here on the community.



Then we tried an Image Code Breaker based on Math operations and a Math Puzzle.



Sudoku time

We also resolved one and a half Sudoku diagrams πŸ˜†.
We madr it together. He knows how to resolve Sudoku, but I helped with.


Just a bit of Nutrition Lessons

Small steps. It wasnt a big deal, but we did two pages in one of our Nutrition book.
It was more about coloring, tracing letters and some food facts picking up on the way.
As you can see in the picture: apple is a carbohydrate, also it is a fruit.
Carbs give us energy.

Simple as that! But I think its just the right amount for small kids to digest.
The other page was about Bread.


Dots and Boxes

Did you hear about this game? It is a strategic one we used to play when we were kids.

These days, I saw a commercial about a wooden game of Dots$Boxes and I wanted to buy it.
Then I thought why should I do that when its so easy to replicate at home?

So we made our own, using these cute Numberblobs.


A little bit about the game

In short, you need to draw lines (walls) and everytime a box is formed (a square made out of four lines), a dot is put in the box.
The dots can be replaced with everything, they represents how many
squares the other opponent conquiered.

Who draws the last line of the square, wins the box.

The player with most boxes wins the game.
I was ppaying with the pink ones and Caleb with they grey ones. Then we realized we dont have enough of that color, and introduced other numberblob colors.
But its more easy to have as many colors as the number of players.

You can find the rules in details here





Throw the cute Numberblobs and just have Fun!

After playing Dots and Boxes I came with this idea of throwing them into something so we can exercise our Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Dexterity, Hand Eye Coordination.

We had a few differend sized containers.
The green box was 1 point, the other two medium ones 2 points, and the smaller ones 3 points (circle ones), respectively 4 points (the squared small ones)

We had a score paper too where we noted how many points each of us gathered.





I think this is all we did yesterday.

What about you? Do you have Full Days in PJ's ?
Do you enjoy having chill days and having No Plans at all and just do whatever when it comes to learning and kids activities?

Missdeli 😍


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Teaching children involves creativity, as they can easily get bored. This is a nice and fun way of teaching, and they have engaged in many activities.

Agree, and I can say from experience with my son that they can become bored easily.
Tnx for stopping by, appreciate it. 😊

Educating children to play while learning is very cool.

It is. It makes learning easy and more fun.

I'm so glad the activity I shared was helpful to you with your little one.

I loved the idea once I saw it at you!

The way you do it, children will be more entertained and will quickly learn their skills

But lately, he resolves his homework with so much speed I can barely put one puzzle piece on its place. πŸ˜…

Hehehehehe he sure is a smarty pants, no mummy time is allowed!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yeah yeah, that is correct! No more sneaky time for me and to be honest, now I'm late correcting his homework. I am 5 pages behind. πŸ˜…

Pyjama days are sometimes the best days!

Yep! Sometimes they're like heaven. It was a long time since we had one of these, so it was really a good chill day.

That's nice to hear and I hope you manage to arrange another one soon.

Arranged? I would say probably not. But thats the best part: wakin' up in the morning with no clue that today is going to be a PJ day. 😁

  • no stress
  • no worries
  • quality time with loved ones
  • one day pause

Surprise PJ days are the best! πŸ˜‰

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. TBH I came here thinking it is gonna be a my kinda pj day :P you know the one where I am in PJs and do nothing haha.

Well, to be honest, we did. It was a lovely day. It was that kind of day when I was 90% mommy and I could be active and present for my son, playing anf having fun!
Haha. When u have a kid, those days are over. πŸ˜… unless the kids are away. 😁