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The entrepreneurial spirit is not peculiar to the adults alone. There is so much value in teaching our kids to be skill-oriented. With the way the world is changing and the drastic alacrity in the cost of living, the value of teaching our kids a skill cannot be over-emphasized.
Engaging our kids in a skill could help them mentally and open them to learn how to be save their money. They could begin to practice the act of saving by keeping every money they get in their piggy bank.
An example, the girl below is a thirteen year old high school girl, during the vacation, she learned how to make beaded bangles and some bangles she customized them based on her clients demand. She started saving the money she sold in her piggy bank at home and at the end of the summer break she has saved #5,000 which is an equivalent to $11.75. She has not only learned to save her money but she will also learn to be thrifty and to make choices correctly.


Teaching or kids a skills help boost their thinking ability, they’ll begin to think critically and get more creative. Most importantly, they will grow to be more useful to themselves and will not be found wanting wherever they find themselves. As they grow, whether their parents are alive or not, they won’t be found wanting at all.
When you teach a child a skill, he/she will appreciate your effort as a guardian and not despise whatever life places before them, the kids will understand the language of economy better, they’ll know better than to spend money unnecessarily when they grow up.

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What a good comment you make about the upbringing and education of children, I think it is a contribution to the development of their maturity as you are making them start to be worth for themselves and not depend on others, I think I have to learn a lot from that, I think it's great that a child from an early age is taught this, that will help to avoid many economic problems as an adult, thank you very much for your post.

Thanks so much for your kind comment and kind words, it makes me feel encourage to blog.

I agree with you completely. Introducing them early to the world of entrepreneur helps them to be focused on a particular goal and will help them grow to be independent.
Excellent write-up @promiseumah1
Keep blogging.

Thanks so much for reading through my blog and for your comment.

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I think you mentioned a great true point here. The earlier the better! It's really useful if most parents would put time in teaching kids about the topic...😁

Yes, exactly my point, most parents ignore this aspect of education which is very essential.

Sweet! And I agree about the skills for kidz 👍