This day in history - September 12, 1940 - Cave Paintings in France

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Teenagers do what teenagers do - including finding a hole in the ground and exploring it... which sounds like a very dangerous plan to me!
But in this case, it became one of the most amazing discoveries - ever... one that forever changed our perceptions of the ancestors.

(Cave painting of animals. Source)

In the Vézère Valley in the Dordogne departement of SW France is the commune of Montignac-Lascaux. Along the Vézère River, it has been the capital of the Montignac canton since 1790. It is an ancient town, probably predating its Roman colonization launching it to importance through the middle ages - at least until the destruction of Château de Montignac in 1825.

Since 1940, it became a tourist destination for anyone wanting to visit the prehistoric pictures found on the walls of the cave system there. However, it became necessary to close the caves to the public (in 1963) in order to prevent the pictures from being destroyed by all the visitors. Mold and fungus still endanger the paintings.

In 1983, a replica called Lascaux II opened with reconstructions of the most famous pieces. There are also reproductions housed in the Musée d’Art Préhistorique in Le Thot, France. Additionally, we have pictures of the 2,000 figures painted on the walls of these caves, allowing everyone to fantasize about our ancient past when people first discovered their artistic prowess.

Do spend some time on the sources below - especially the website for Lascaux II - and add this area to your bucket list of world exploration. It's definitely worth your time!


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In response to @qwerrie's concerns, while yes this isn't directly related to homeschooling, therefore it likely won't be well rewarded here, it does give some ideas and resources that might be useful to other homeschoolers.

Generally, unless it's completely off topic, we don't like to mute and even then we will first guide to other communities. We reserve muting for repeat off topic offenders and abusers.

Thank you for your concerns, though @qwerrie. It's a shame there isn't more activity in the history communities.

It's a shame there isn't more activity in the history communities.

On one hand, on another hand... Yes, but thats life.

Most of the folks on the blockchain are authors / content providers, not readers; and they after rewards. This is the way I see it.

Making 5-10 captures on your smartphone and getting a fat reward for your lazy-effort-no-ideas post is far more profitable and time-saving, than working hours or even days on putting together an intresting story, condensing unique personal thoughts and experience -- which, lets face the truth, may get tiny or even zero rewards. Thus, most hiveans' choice is obvious. Grass grows better where it is watered and fertilized :/

As for me personally, I am pretty obsessed about history (and could share a lot of interesting stuff from the books I was involved in, or video lectures I've watched), but firstly - see point one, and secondly: most likely, it will be of interest mostly to the Russian-speaking public than the English-speaking one...

I love history too. My daughter thinks I'm weird, while I don't understand why she doesn't love it. 😆

I would happily read about Russian history (although probably not in Russian as I can't read it... or speak it), because I suspect anything we've learnt on it in the west is skewed after years of cold war. But I might be in the minority, though.

I will say more (the Cold War is not the only reason here) - generally speaking, in history as a science that connects facts and events into a cause-and-effect chain... objectively.... no one is interested! People, the silent majority, society as a whole, and individual figures (politicians for example) are interested in myths! in fiction stories! with which they feed themselves and their peoples, with their help they strengthen their personal power, the power of the state, justify all sorts of claims, desires, their defeats and failures, and so on and so forth. History is the poor servant of society. Alas. The most typical example is the historiography of Western Europe about the Mongol Empire. Or the attitude towards the Crusades and the Saracens. Myth sits on myth - and they cannot be moved. And the most offensive thing is that this has nothing to do with the truth, hehe.

The key thing you need to know about Russia is that it is a poor country, poor objectively, historically; due to difficult weather conditions, it is difficult to grow crops here and sell them for good money, peasants had to work very, very hard on the land - this is the key (objective!) factor that entails most of our long-suffering history.

Я скажу больше (холодная война тут не единственная причина) - общем говоря, в истории как науке, которая связывает факты и события в причинно-следственную цепочку ... объективно.... никто не заинтересован! Люди, молчаливое большинство, социум в целом, и отдельные фигуры (политики например) заинтересованы в мифах! в художественных историях! которыми они кормят себя и свои народы, укрепляют с их помощью свою личную власть, силу государства, обосновывают всевозможные претензии, желания, свои поражения и неудачи, и так далее и тому подобное. История - это бедная служанка социума. Увы. Самый типичный пример - историография западной Европы о монгольской империи. Или отношение к крестовым походам и сарацинам. Миф сидит на мифе - и их не сдвинуть с места. И самое обидное, что это не имеет отношение к истине, хехе.
Главное, что нужно знать о России - что это бедная страна, бедная объективно, исторически, из-за сложных погодных условий, здесь трудно вырастить урожай и продать его за хорошие деньги, а трудиться на земле крестьянину приходилось очень и очень много - вот из этого ключевого (объективного!) фактора вытекает многое и многое остальное, большая часть нашей многострадальной истории.

due to difficult weather conditions,

I always picture Russia as a show covered country, well, certainly Moscow brings that to mind. It's what we see in movies. 😆

Myth sits on myth - and they cannot be moved

Very much this. Even when evidence is found to refute the mythical history, the myths still continue.

Aha... cause it is actually the food to feed some mental constructions. 😜😳😳

I think the only people who get decent rewards are the ones who are closest to the whales for whatever reason... I have never won popularity contests and now is no different.

This platform has never managed to find a way to bring in paying readers... and that's one of the biggest long-term problems.

It is one of the problems indeed. Decent activity is not payed off.

Thanks. Appreciated. I'm just finding that the communities - while a great idea - may have unintended consequences in microniching everything to the point that it's difficult to follow.

True, it can get hard to figure out where to post due to this. That's when I'm grateful we so have some general communities around. It feels like we're reaching a point where it you only post it on your blog you'll get no readers anyway.

Absolutely on all points. Where would you suggest I post? (Once I have a community that actually supports posts, I'm probably not going to be changing it around all the time... I like to set up my templates.) I'm actually almost back to the point of having the opinion that it's not worth posting at all. Not worth my time, energy...

I actually don't post often myself any more. When I do I just drop it where the best match seems to be. Sometimes it gets responses, sometimes it doesn't. I'll usually get some responses from my followers regardless, though.

I don't know how old you are, but if you are older than millennial generation then Silver Bloggers is a nice community. They accept a variety, so if I can't find a niche community I'll put it there.

Gems is a catch all, but I don't know if there is much of a community atmosphere there.

Hive has a History community -- why dont you throw in your massive educational series there instead of here?..

Because I literally could not find them in the massive list of communities... before reaching the ones with 0 activity. Things are too broken down now... I'd rather post in an active community such as homeschooling than be perfectly spot-on for a topic of an otherwise dead community.

I don't get much support either way though.

I'd rather post in an active community such as homeschooling than be perfectly spot-on for a topic of an otherwise dead community.

I can only admit, that activity in History community is about zero. But that does not provide a legit reason.

On the other hand, the subject of your intresting posts is pretty differ from Home'edding community topic. I used to see mods press 'mute' button in such cases. (Which frustrates me a lot -- if it is my post...) 😳

Not being able to find the community - and not wanting to search indefinitely should be a legit reason... and honestly, if I think it's a legit reason to not want to use a zero-support community, then that should be sufficient.

If home education mutes educational posts, then it's not much of a home ed community, in my opinion. If they do that, then I'll leave it to them... and go back to posting in The Terminal instead... or Ladies of Hive... I have other options. It's a pain to have to sort my posts to that degree all the time.

Lory, here are a few communities you may find useful to direct your posts to:
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