HiveBuzz supports the Austrian Community Meetup

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The Austrian community is very active and meets regularly. There have already been an impressive 32 editions of their meetup!

Dieser Beitrag ist ins Deutsche übersetzt: hier

The next one will occur in a few days in Vienna and is coordinated by @manncpt. Several Hivers are expected to attend it. You can read the meetup announcement here.

Join the Vienna meetup and get your badge

To celebrate it and reward all participants, @hivebuzz has prepared a new commemorative badge that each attendee will receive when participating in the meetup. The badge attribution is managed by the meetup organizers and anyone getting the badge will see it on his/her HiveBuzz board.

If you live in the surroundings of Vienna or are traveling around Austria, do not miss this opportunity to meet wonderful Hivers. We hope you will all have a lot of fun gathering together!

Happy Hive Meetup!

If you are a meetup organizer and you want to reward participants with a personalized badge, do not hesitate to contact us on Discord or Telegram.

The Hivebuzz Team

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Dear @arcange,

Glad to see you're supporting the Crypto Community,
even though this is not strictly a hive meetup,
but for all bloggers of different blockchains.

Thanks for that!


Hey @reiseamateur, thank you for popping up here.
The organizers asked us for a "Hive Meetup" badge ... so we did 😉

Like I said, thanks for supporting Meetup Worldwide!
cheers 🤠

It's an Hive Meetup!

@mers try to check this post.

Thank you for the info... I have seen this in my austrian group in Vienna.

Welcome po my dear. Musta ingat

Are you gonna be there @crazygal😉 These meetups always miss some girl power 😅

Thank you for the great meetup badge design, I am looking foward to the event! 😎

You are very welcome @manncpt! We are looking forward to the reaction of the participants!
Sadly we can not join this time but we are sure you will have lots of fun! 🍺😉

Awesome sounds like fun have a great meet up

Das ist SEHR gut! Ich gratuliere die Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnin!

Oh, you speak german @deeanndmathews? 😉

Oh i wish i could participate but i live so far away that i can't even think of it😭
Best of luck to the participants

Where are you based @wajihafawad? Maybe there is also a meetup close to where you are 😉👍

I am from kpk pakistan and hardly found one pakistani here

Sure there are some :)

Thanks for supporting Meetup Worldwide!

It is our pleasure to support personal Hive Meetups all over the globe👍🙂

And I want to meet in Vienna!)) Unfortunately, due to quarantine, this is not possible yet ((((

Maybe next time! It is worth it 😉

A really good idea and a beautiful badge, thank you! 👍🏼👌🏼

It was a pleasure @mundharmonika! Have fun at the Meetup!

Sounds great about meetup👍

The goal is to have many more all over the globe, to connect the Hivers in the real world 😉