Photography’s Sake

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I’m not really a photographer - I’m a videographer

...and I don’t own a proper DSLR for photography anymore (although I guess a Gh5 would count?)

Anyway my point being; I don’t go out of my way to take photos.
But I really love the convenience of my phone camera, usually snapping away during the activities of my family during a busy day.

I sometimes get a collection of shots (without my kids in them) that I have a connection with.
These are some of those shots, which I thought would be worth a share today :)

We’ve had wonderful action packed and soul nourishing day out yesterday, seeing some friends who live in an awesome community living space out in a rural area near Sheffield.

It’s such a characterful place and it’s inspired some of these shots.

All photos taken on an iPhone X. Coloured and modified in the iOS photos app.

First up!

A for Anarchy. A symbol of true anarchy. That’s what it feels like most days in my house with my rowdy crew of kids.
Looks better in b&w than colour.


Dog Time
Unwinding with the dogs


Completely Sirius
A boat in a field, not far from a reservoir but not not close to the sea.


Tidy Up
We use shovels to either find treasure or tidy up. I know which I prefer.


Gotta catch em all!


Cheers for looking :)
This is the first photographs ‘for-the-sake-of-photographs’ post I’ve ever done.
If they strike a chord let me know in the comments.


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i just saw the images in your post - no need to say that you're a videographer its impossible to get it wrong
lovely compositions and the moments.
hope to see more of your photography no matter what gear you use for your "snapshots"

Thanks! I appreciate that. I have an eye for video but not always an eye for getting that killer single moment in photography.
I admire that kind of skill!

many of my friends are working in cinematography and most of them are saying that I have to start making videos, so i understand that there is continuity between both :-) you're definitely should not worry about :-)

Nice shots. You obviously have a eye for this and you like telling stories with images. Phone cameras are so good these days that you don't need a dedicated camera a lot of the time. I have some compact ones and a cheap bridge camera that's good for wildlife shots where you need the zoom, but I've had good results from my cheap phone.


Cheers Steve. Phones can bring great results, but yeah they’re not really suitable for any optical zoom requirements.
Maybe one day a proper zoom on a phone will exist!



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The pirate flag grabbed my attention as I'm on holiday in Devon with the grandkids at the moment and A for anarchy is most appropriate.😂👍 Good to see you having a go at photography. Phones do a decent job these days and much less hassle on a windswept sandy beach than my DSLR!

Haha total anarchy with the grandkids! The flag has struck a chord with loads of people which is ace to see.

I’d like to take my Gh5 out for more photos... RAW photos are great but I just don’t like the workflow and time it takes.
Phones are so immediate and easy - obviously sacrificing control, but speed and ease count for a lot when there are kids about!

Cheers for the follow too :)

You know the old saying?
"The best camera is the one you have with you"
We almost always have the smartphone with us and most people are content with the image quality. E.g Instagram etc.
Plus less FAFF 😂😂🎬🎥👍

PS I thought I was following you already but just noticed I wasn't? 😨👌

Love that saying, forgot about that!
No worries, on the follow - hadn’t noticed either way. Ace tho!

I need a new phone as you mentioned the convenience for photos, the accessibility. I use my I pad a lot on the boat as its usually in front of me with the map app on it.

The pirate flag never fsils to evoke an emotion. I feel like a canal pirate these days although i am not sure a pirate would shop at lidl haha

Haha it’s your inner pirate that counts!
Yeah phones are so good these days, as cameras and journals.

Nice photos. I like the one of the shovel cleaning up around the garden

That pirate flag picture... Absolutely beautiful

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.