Hive Daily Mix - Crypto - 2024-04-14

The first AI powered recap of the best crypto posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 14

Vibes Web3 Music competition week 8 // Na gode cover by mamab - by @mamab
The post is about @mamab's entry for the Vibes Web3 Music competition week 8, where they cover a Hausa song titled 'Na gode' by Solomon Lange. The post includes the lyrics of the song, its English translation, and a source link for more information.

Bull Farts - by @acesontop
The post discusses the recent Iranian attack on Israel and its impact on the crypto markets, analyzing it as a non-black swan event. It also touches upon the upcoming halving and the general bullish sentiment in the market.

VIBES WEB3 Music Competition Week 8 | I Started a Joke - Bee Gees 🎺 (Cover) by @yisusth [ENG/SPA] - by @yisusth
Original language: ENG,SPA
A musician shares their trumpet interpretation of the song 'I Started a Joke' by Bee Gees, reflecting on the power of words and their impact on others.

Repasemos las diferencias entre Web1, Web2 y Web3. - by @enrique89
Original language: Spanish
A video discussing the differences between Web1, Web2, and Web3, focusing on digital ownership and assets in Hive

Il 99% del pianeta NON HA CAPITO ancora NULLA. - by @dexpartacus
Original language: Italian
Only 5% of the population invest in cryptocurrencies, with many having little knowledge about Bitcoin and Altcoins or using incorrect approaches.

Don't Panic! We've Been Here Before! - by @denmarkguy
The post discusses the volatility of investing in legacy financial markets and cryptocurrency, highlighting that fluctuations are normal and not a cause for panic.

"Gas Money" New Single, Sneak Peak on PEAKD Exclusively - by @epic-fail
Introducing a new single and concept album about selling farts for cryptocurrency, promising a wild and absurd musical journey.


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