Hive Daily Mix - Crypto - 2024-04-15

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April 15

Tether USDT Market Cap Reaches All Time High of 100+ Billions | Data on Tether Market Cap and Share | Apr 2024 - by @dalz
The post discusses the rise of Tether USDT market cap to an all-time high of over 100 billion, highlighting the data on Tether's market cap, share, and its performance in comparison to USDC. It covers the history of Tether, its growth, and handling of crises. Charts and data on Tether's supply, printing, and market share are analyzed in detail.

Not an Emergency Broadcast: The War is Fought with Freedom Tools! - by @cttpodcast
The post is about CTTPodcast, a podcast powered by the Hive Blockchain that discusses topics related to the dynamic crypto world and internet freedom. It features @Starkerz, @TheyCallMeDan, and special guests sharing their perspectives. The post encourages viewers to subscribe for the latest insights and lively conversations.

Esp-Eng.- Vibes web3-Music competición week 8 - Como quisiera decirte - Los Ángeles negros/ cover @mayifiestas - by @mayifiestas
Original language: Español, English
A participant in the Vibes web3-Music competition week 8 covers a song by Los Ángeles Negros, expressing love and longing through music.

Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8 - Hallelujah-Il Divo by @josesalazar200 - by @josesalazar200
Original language: Spanish
Participation in the Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8 with a rendition of 'Hallelujah' by Il Divo, expressing a message of hope and peace.

Hong Kong Approves Spot Bitcoin and Ethereum Application Triggering The Hardest Part of The Bull Market - by @acesontop
Hong Kong has approved the first batch of spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs in a drive to become a crypto hub, potentially impacting the crypto market positively.

Vibes web3 music competition week 8 - cover In Christ Alone - by @pricelessudy
A submission for the Vibes web3 music competition, featuring a cover of In Christ Alone by Adrienne Camp and a reflection on the song's message of hope and faith.

Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8: A Cover of "How Great Is Our God" by @johnuko - by @johnuko
A musical entry for the Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8 featuring a cover of 'How Great Is Our God' by @johnuko

vibes web 3 music competition week 8|| a cover song of I am what you see by @delight54 - by @delight54
An entry for the vibes web 3 music competition, featuring a cover song of 'I am what you see' by Bishop Paul S. Morton, reflecting on self-worth and belief in oneself.

Crypto Analysis | Will Altseason Be A Dud or Fud This Cycle? - by @tobetada
The post discusses the potential outcomes of altseason in the current crypto cycle based on BTC dominance trends.


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